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Resident Evil VII Review: Biohazard - horror horribly perfect

Wednesday, Aug 9, 2017 | Post by Wiktorija | 0 comment(s)

The heart is rejoicing, the soul rejoices when Resident Evil moves us again. And to the depths. Capcom has managed to break off the "stockholder" patch and return to the roots - the intimate story of biological weapons.

Resident Evil VII

I like how the year starts with a strong blow, and that is the new part of the Resident Evil series. Capcom, along with Biohazard's premiere, promised to return to the roots and, if treated as a commitment to not deliver a full-blown history of action, chase and helicopter catastrophes, it was true, he said. The game actually goes back to old garbage - the events take place in a fairly restricted area, the story is rather intimate, and the hair is on the head for every click of the tap. In addition, the production is doing so well enough that I am now able to risk the thesis that it will be one of the strongest candidates for the title of the year.

Mia Winters, Ethan's wife, disappeared three years earlier. It is not known if the woman is still alive at all - until Ethan receives a phone call from Mia asking him to forget about her. Not to come to her for Dulvey, located somewhere in the swamp of Louisiana. As it turns out, the hero's wife is just one of the many missing people in the surrounding marshes, and our job is to uncover the mystery of the Baker family farm and find a little girl ...

In this way you will be presented with the story of the game, the spectacular announcements of dem Kitchen and Beginning Hour electrified the fans of the brand for a long time. The creators have already made a clear distinction between climate change and the way the game is presented, though everything was still covered by a fog of mystery. However, the most recent novelty in relation to the previous part was the mood. Heavy. Stuffy. How about the horror! What, what, but this - after what Capcom was in the sixth edition of the cycle - probably not expected anyone.

The Seventh from the very beginning grabs firmly at the throat and leads us through the recesses of the Baker farm, and then two other locations, not allowing for a moment's breath - I could not resist curiosity, what will continue, and what will surprise me also. It is a pity, however, that I had the impression of "poking" the developers with ideas for the most bloodshed veins in the veins of the aforementioned demons so that the right game is not so frightening. Nevertheless, strong actions in it are not lacking, I think you will be fascinated with interesting boss battles - especially with one you can try to ride the car to later feel like the Doom marine feel the power of the combustion mechanical saw. Biohazard is still very high levels, repeatedly raising the pressure, but still only Resident and supernatural phenomena with dema P.T. (Corridors, corridors) are not here to look for. Ghosts and demons do not fit in with this menagerie.

Capcom finally decided to abandon the anachronisms. So we got a view with the eyes of the characters. The seventh part of the series could even go for classic FPS, but fortunately, it was not so bad. Changing perspective did not change the pace of movement of the hero. It is still slow, so the quick sprint between creatures can be forgotten. All the more so since most of the action happens in narrow corridors and only a few times we are in a place where manoeuvring is possible.

Liquidity combat mechanics adds the ability to simultaneously shoot and move. Eventually! I do not know why Capcom has so long held on to an outdated system of enforcing the lack of mobility while aiming. It's true that you can go back and hurt enemies at the same time without having to "feed back," but I do not think it will be a problem. By the way, I will point out that starting a new game, you can choose only easy or medium difficulty and REVII transition on the latter took me less than eleven hours. At the end of the campaign there is a "crazy" level, but in the context of redemption, we also receive a special, very effective weapon.

Fighting against opponents, Ethan uses a pen knife, but also a standard gun, shotgun, flamethrower, machine gun, and even a grenade launcher. Collecting the ancient coins coordinated at the corners, you can also unlock the Magnum 44 model, and reload more weapons and increase your health. On the farm will also find additional character improvements. Mice also find ammunition and items that help you craft syringes and more exotic types of cartridges or stimulants in the process of simple crafting. The Arsenal is substantial.

Several times we encounter a broken weapon that can be repaired in a workshop. Of course, we do not carry all these things all the time with us, although as we progress in the game we find backpacks increasing the limit of the number of transferred lattes. We do not need anything at the moment to hide in a special box, which we have access to in each of the visited "hubs" of security, the threshold of which no enemy will certainly not pass. At this point, there are also records of progress in the game.

The use of each of the hooks makes a lot of satisfaction. With the crashing through successive fliers, you will quickly sense which one of the weapons will be the best for you - I mentioned above the penknife not to punish him. At some point, this small blade turns out to be really useful. Anyway, it is worth to practice a little bit of fighting with white weapons (but later on, as you get a big knife), because ammo does not go behind every corner. I would say that for almost three-quarters of the game we have it almost to the touch. Then, when we get access to self-adhesive bombs, it is easier and the elimination of the toughest opponents is much more efficient.

Throughout most of the game, we get to know the guesthouse, the old house and the surrounding area of the Baker farm, playing Ethan. The guy is a civilian, he has not had anything to do with the organizations known from the previous series. The visitor is looking for a wife and it is a priority for him at first. Persistent toughness, because the cut of the hand and subsequent sewing in no way affect his manual skill.

Capcom, however, was well prepared to release the seventh part of the series - I mean the earlier demo, where we could take control of the character seen on the TV screen. In full play this theme returns - again we pass a fragment of a demo in which three types of video about abandoned homes. Then we find new cassettes and after we have applied the video player we will change the hero again. Importantly, watching tapes is not obligatory and the creators do not force us to use them at all. However, this greatly expands the knowledge of the plot, and in one case makes it easy to experience when we once again direct Ethan. The bizarre events we witnessed are starting to clear up after we left the farm when we left the current hero for some time, and we go down into the depths ... We'll see what you can do.

Changing perspective adds a plot of freshness. The treatment, in my opinion, was perfect. Just when I started to torture Ethan, I suddenly looked at the events with my eyes. The situation began to clear.

At some point, the game forces a specific path. Who to help, who to choose and save? The creators tried to hit the right string and appeal to the conscience of the player. I liked it very much and I swallowed the hook, and REVII rose in my personal high, high, somewhere in the top of the favourites list. So I finished the game, then loaded "sejwa" before the moment of moral dilemma, and this time I chose the second option, expecting to see something completely new. You can imagine my face when after a few minutes it turned out to be a mere kit, and the further development of the situation looked like the first time. As is evident from the trophy list, there are two endings in the game, so maybe the other track would not have changed in the finale of the game. However, I was a bit disappointed with the development of the action, but I understand the idea of the creators, but the continuation is almost certain. All the more so at the end we meet a well-known persona.

It was already about shooting and characters, so a few sentences about the puzzles. Several times we have the opportunity to head. Not only in terms of getting the keys to open the next door - at some point we even get into something like a test center run by one of the members of the "family" of the Baker family. Here the fun turns into a racial adventure, but it does not take too long.

In the remainder of the game, there are occasional not difficult challenges - a good example may be placing on the pedestals solids and turning them so that their shadow overlaps the contours of the object on the image opposite. Riddles and quest items are engaging and satisfying enough that complaining about this element of the gameplay would be out of place. The biggest and most important challenge at the moment is the proper use of wearing objects and their combination. Will we need a first aid kit or ammo? Here is the question when a hellish hooligan hides just around the corner.

PlayStation 4 at launch is in the privileged position that the REVII version of this platform allows you to go through the whole game, using the goggles to view virtual reality. And again I admit that I did not want to believe that the creators will manage to prepare a gadget worthy of such a graphic design. Having in mind the jagged edges of the Kitchen Demo, I was rather not expecting miracles. Meanwhile, I experienced a little shock. Biohazard on the PlayStation VR looks insane! Of course - as per the VR standards. The world is as sharp as a razor blade, it has the impression of being in this abominable place. The whole game, from start to finish, you can admire as if you were actually there, and enjoy the fantastic quality.

It can be played in a ultra-smooth mode of movement in all directions, but this can cause many people to experience discomfort and nausea. Therefore, it was decided to use the trick to rotate the character at an angle, jump, which prevents such problems. In options you can set this angle to 30, 45 or 90 degrees, so everyone interested should find the right variant for you. Targeted with the head. Madly I liked what I saw, and I will have to seriously consider whether or not to give the game a second chance in VR mode.

I will confess with complete sincerity that I did not expect such a strong blow from Capcom. The hope was that the really good two parts of Revelations, but Biohazard is basically another new opening for the series. At least in terms of the solution of the fun mechanics used, which does not affect the calculation of the cycle, as was the case with the Resident Evil 4. It also seems that the Baker's farm has been exploited and after the end of the adventure Ethan and Mia no longer hides any secrets. However, it is known how this happens in the case of this kind of history. Nothing can be sure.

Resident Evil VII went well beyond the creators. The story engages from the beginning and it may sound like a joke, but it does not allow for a moment to get bored. What's important, the version I posted on PlayStation 4 before releasing the first patch that appeared only on the day of the release, did not make me a problem once. Not counting stuff that reads for a while on some texture objects, or if there are two or more incoming objects passing through, when the enemy fires, instead of shaking his head against the wall, mingled with him - but whose title is today without such shortcomings? Of course it is difficult to treat any errors as a norm, but in this case, it is almost negligible. The animation is fluid, nothing fires, for almost eleven hours no babolists have appeared, and the game is drawn in like a swamp near which the Bakers house stands. Bravo, Capcom!

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