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LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1-4 - Game Review

Friday, Sep 8, 2017 | Post by Kubo | 0 comment(s)

Previous adaptations of the Harry Potter series on consoles and PCs did not break out above average. Did the wizard's adventures in the LEGO world turn out to be the exception to the rule?

LEGO Harry Potter 1-4 Years Review

Over the last five years, Traveler's Tales has regularly provided players with the reincarnation of famous worlds in the realm of popular LEGO blocks. Unfortunately, the youngest productions, especially the LEGO Batman, did not perform well on the already worn out solutions and introduced little, often unprofitable, novelties to the well-known formula. The successive premieres followed the increasingly cool reception of the reviewers, and consequently the lower ratings in the media. The LEGO series of games required instant ventilation - fresh ideas, sparks of genius. For the new birth of the cycle, nothing would be better than the full magic of the Harry Potter universe. Enjoying the unending popularity of J.K. Rowling proved to be a source material source - the author's ingenuity had to really inspire the creators of the game, because, anticipating the latest LEGO folk adventures is one of the best parts of the cycle and definitely the most successful move of Potter into the world of electronic entertainment.

The game core has remained unchanged. We still have a mixture of adventure and logic games with strong fighting elements and platform jumping. The real plus of the production is minor improvements in the known mechanics, numerous tastes, magnetizing charm and spilling magic screen. All this in the atmosphere played by the bricks of the parody, yet very faithful to the spirit of the original. The game has certainly benefited from the strong storyline outlined in the book's prototype and its film adaptations. The authors decided not only to play the convention but to present - in a slightly curved mirror - the story of Harry Potter. Unlike previous LEGO games, the narrative is less chaotic here. Scenes are no longer pulsating, there are longer camera shots and quieter assembly. Without a knowledge of books/movies, a full understanding of events can be quite difficult, but slowing down the pace of action is conducive to finding jokes and more or less subtle play with the content of the original. Twenty-four stages cover the story of the first four books - the years of learning - Potter at the magical school of Hogwarts. The player is led by a young wizard and his faithful friends whose fate has unluckily combined with the ghostly Voldemort. But before the inevitable confrontation comes, Potter must possess the many skills needed in the mage's profession. Between the main levels are additional tasks, usually in the form of lessons, where the heroes master useful spells or learn to prepare alchemical potions. This solution perfectly blends in with the climate of the prototype, while allowing smooth opening of the next areas and the gradual complication of the game by widening the range of available opportunities.

And there is the exploration of the magic school and its surroundings, the secret stages unlocked for finding the golden blocks and in total, we get a product of a very reasonable length. The vitality of the title extends even to the number of highly secretly secreted secrets - unlocking all over 150 characters, it's definitely an occupation for more than one intense weekend.

Overcoming the main stages was, for example, LEGO Indiana Jones 2 slightly grounded. Eliminated the annoying moments with the vehicles in the lead role, replacing them with ingenious puzzles, combining with the arsenal of available spells. We will not be afraid to fight with hordes popping all over the opponents - clashes are a little more thoughtful, less frequent, but at the same time more original.

It also improved the classic construction of blocks, which always hinged on keeping one button on the controller. Now there are puzzles that require self-stacking. These puzzles introduce a plethora of diversity, while never overwhelming the level of difficulty, so the action goes on at a steady pace.

During the game, the most time-consuming exploration of the levels takes place. Just like in other LEGO games, at some point, it can lead to a thorough scooping of all the corners in search of the currency of the blocks and all the ointments. Such an angle of each angle could be boring if not for the great number of surprises waiting for the patient player. In LEGO Harry Potter, we not only demolish innumerable designs of blocks but also, often with surprising effects, enchant our surroundings. And we're going to wake up a bizarre creature in a chest, we'll interrupt the life of the characters in the pictures, or we'll bring the skeleton back to life, for what it will take us to the stage with the hoarding. It encourages a thorough examination of the levels.

Here one should mention one of the pillars of the LEGO series, the ubiquitous sense of humour. After a slight drop in form at LEGO: Batman, where the jokes come down to monkey tricks from slapstick comedy, Harry Potter is full of ironic subtlety and gags understandable only to the well-acquainted with the book's prototype. Of course, there are also slightly forced fits, but these are in a decent minority.

As I mentioned earlier, most of the fun of the game will be familiar to prose J.K. Rowling (or at least with the film adaptations of that). The rest will remain indifferent to numerous references to the original and the fun of the convention. For example, in one step the player acts shoulder to shoulder with Tom Riddle - which for the reader of the Chamber of Secrets is a great taste.

As for the visual setting, the game continues the glorious tradition of the series. The graphics present a grand, naturally very plastic, level. Character models are charming and well-known locations mapped with admirable meticulousness. The impression highlights the excellent soundtrack written by John Williams. The dullness of the dubbing has fallen off, thanks to the classic incomprehensible gibberish of the people.

Unfortunately, the exposure of the LEGO Harry Potter very good note prevents a nasty slip. Essentially, the gameplay can effectively irritate some - few - unsuccessful solutions and obvious bugs. First of all, the tested version was able to shamelessly be swallowed up. After the console reset, of course, it returned to the last recording point, which required repetition from the beginning of the interrupted stage. At least frustrating. It is also a pleasure to have some boss battles. They usually come down to repeatedly throwing away spells or items to the opponent. In this respect there was a little bit of invention, and what better clashes can be counted on the fingers of one hand.

In addition, the creators have poorly distributed the accents between singles and multiplayer. The product is perfectly suited for co-op, and thanks to the low difficulty level the second controller can grab even a completely green player. However, the play of two people, however, speaks primarily the almost complete unsuitability of characters led by SI. On the one hand, they do not mess up, on the other - they do not even poke a finger in our defence. In theory, they have at least helped us in solving puzzles that require two pairs of hands, but the more difficult projects, such as switching platforms, evidently exceeded computer comrades. They often blocked the elements of the environment and pulling them out of trouble required a lot of gymnastics.

Moments of frustration are still a small price for the adventures of the adventures of a young wizard and his unconventional friends. Certainly, we are not dealing with the ideal product, but thanks to the engaging gameplay, great humour and a great use of source material, the game are solidly drawn into the hard hours. The most fun to have fans of the book cycle - so far not familiar with the original I remain sincere to encourage reading. In the meantime, I will wait for the much darker last three years of Potter's teaching - perhaps even better.

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