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LEGO Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures - Review the game

Thursday, Sep 7, 2017 | Post by Kubo | 0 comment(s)

The Traveler's Tales team - after thoroughly exploring the Star Wars universe - decided to change the sandbox and move their blocks to another place. It fell upon a nice Indiana Jones archaeologist.

LEGO Indiana Jones The Orginal Adventures Review

LEGO games are full of contradictions. On the one hand, we visit the world created almost entirely from the blocks for children and control the little people who have detachable heads and feet. On the other hand, the games in this series are sprinkled with juicy and very specific humour, offer a lot of fun and - despite apparent repetition - are not bored. We already had a chance to explore the LEGO universe of Star Wars, and now, in the bloated world, a famous archaeologist, Indiana Jones, is banging on his whip. The Traveler's Tales team - after thoroughly analyzing the Star Wars universe - decided to change the sandbox and move their blocks to another place. It fell upon a nice Indiana Jones archaeologist. In LEGO Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures, we will take part in three blockbuster adventures, set out for the Lost Ark, visit the Temple of Doom, and watch the LEGO version of The Last Crusade.

LEGO Indiana Jones draws with a handful of the previous series. Those who have already played in LEGO Star Wars will feel at home. Both the interface and the style of the game remained the same. We also have a specific "base", we also gradually unlock the various stages, which we can return in any order, we also collect all kinds of hidden treasures and also we play in characteristic, colourful characters. At first, the game may look like a "fast" add on, but nothing more wrong. The Traveler's Tales team has clearly set the tone of the story: why to change something that has already worked out and - most importantly - liked millions of players. LEGO Indiana Jones is an old interface and well known for all the style of the game, but it's a completely different production at the same time, making as much fun as the previous parts.

Each of our archaeological lego adventures will start at the university. It is a kind of "base" and meeting place for all characters. Indiana Jones University plays the same role as the homely and cosy canteen in Star Wars. We meet in it unlocked characters, some minor secrets and some interesting tastes, such as the hidden room. In addition, visiting college rooms we can check our statistics, see collected artefacts, or use a store that also plays almost the same role as the one in the LEGO Star Wars cafeteria. The University is very well organized and is a great addition to the game - instead of launching the menu and looking for your stats, we can do it directly in the LEGO world. In addition, filling up college corridors with new characters makes a lot of fun and, most importantly, reflects our progress in the game. Of course, most important for adventurous young archaeologists, the university will find three major maps that are responsible for another "campaign": Raiders of the Lost Ark, Temple of Doom and Last Crusade. Of course, we can choose from which "movie" we will start the crazy fun with blocks. For each of the main campaigns, there are six missions to which, at the end of the feature line, we can return to the so-called "Free mode" at any time and in any order.

Once we select the campaign and start the fun, we will see a red line representing the passionate archaeologist. After a short "finger on the map" we take control of the characters and ... we are at home. If anyone is in contact with the LEGO Star Wars series, he or she will be able to begin his archaeological adventure without any problems. Both controls and character changes are identical. Of course, Indiana Jones is not the world of futuristic Star Wars, which has greatly influenced the fun. Along with Jones and his cheerful crowd, we will visit all the most important places known from the movies and "play" most of the key scenes from the archaeologist's adventures. It is evident that the producer has come to LEGO Indiana Jones seriously and skillfully presented the events of the big screen with his specific humour. Fans of Lucas and Spielberg films should be enthralled. We will dive into the dark lego catacombs, escape the lego-ball, lego-raft, go on a powerful lego-elephant, fight for life on the roof of the accelerated lego-truck and solve all the mass of various lego-riddles. And all surrounded by stacks of lego-blocks and lego-meników. One can be sure - LEGO will not run out.

All the sites we visit are well thought out and well constructed. I am inclined to risk saying that they are better than those we had the opportunity to see in Star Wars. In almost every location we have to solve a puzzle. Very often you need to use the skills of different characters: Indiana Jones will use his whip to overcome the wide abyss, to acquire inaccessible items or to move some levers. Female figures will be praised by the extraordinary flexibility of their lego legs, and - jumping very high - will reach distant rock shelves. Small people skillfully cross the narrow passages. Solving puzzles, we must not only choose the right heroes for specific tasks, but also find the items we need: a maliciously hidden key, a shovel for digging debris, or finally a wrench, which "handyman" Indiana Jones will repair all the broken equipment. The various heroes' abilities and various additional items are excellent combinations and perfectly complemented with well-constructed locations. Solving individual puzzles is not tiring and despite the often similar pattern (find, go, use) does not bore you. With the progress of the game and the subsequent stages of the campaign, we come across ever more cleverly presented puzzles. It is clear that the "archaeological" environment is conducive to creating puzzles and even soaked in site traps. In this regard fans of the series will also be satisfied. It is worth noting that the producer did not neglect such an important element in Jones' curiosity as panic fear of snakes. Red lego-reptiles are serious and sinister opponents - the archaeologist is so afraid of them that he immediately gets violent convulsions and takes his knees by the waist. In such situations, other heroes come with help. Phobos is a very interesting addition to the game and it is nice that the Traveler's Tales team took care of this type of tasty. Occasionally, boss battles are also waiting for us. From the usual opponents, the difference is that the player must find a way to hurt the crooks. Dueling is not a challenge, and we will spend more time looking for a way out of a particularly well-developed location than fighting a boss.

One of the LEGO business cards is the humour and light-hearted storyline of the movie. LEGO Indiana Jones does not lean out of the line and also offers fun cutscenes in which the heroes try to amuse the player and show many key features in a curved mirror. We have to admit that the producer was up to the task and playing LEGO Indiana Jones many times we burst out laughing - some of the situations in the movies are really great and it is worthwhile to finish the individual stages just to see another cutscene and another cut scene. What's more, the producer has skillfully woven into the plot various references to the Star Wars world, which will surely delight fans of the series.

A solid dose of laughter and fun will surely make you play cooperatively with a friend. At any time a second person can join us and take control of one of the characters. The system of gameplay is the same as in Star Wars and works great. Solving puzzles and defeating opponents is a lot more fun when we are looking for treasures with a living person rather than computer artificial intelligence, which unfortunately often fails.

Unfortunately, LEGO Indiana Jones is not an ideal game and has some annoying and sometimes frustrating flaws. The first is a frivolous camera that does not necessarily work for the player. Often we do not really see where we jump, where we fall, or - just - where our cheerful folk happily step on. Or perhaps walk as well toward the safe bridge or the piercing edge of the hole. The problem manifests itself especially in terms of "depth". We will often repeat the banal "platform" section simply because we will miss a simple jump or miss a high hanging rope. Also, looking for a way out of a more elaborate room, we can not look around with complete freedom and see what's on our heroes. Irritability can also not always "acting" SI. Our partners are often able to stand up side by side in the heat of battle and admire how poor Indiana is struggling with a host of enraged adversaries. Sometimes comrades do not fully listen to our instructions and do not want to go where we want to be, which can be traced to certain puzzles that require cooperation between two heroes.

The game is also incredibly short. For each campaign consists of six stages, some of which can end in ... several dozen minutes. Of course, many puzzles cleverly lengthen the time of the game, but people who quickly realize what needs to be done in each location will just as soon finish their archaeological adventure. The situation saves a little "Free mode", that is, the ability to return different characters to the stages that have already finished and explored the various secrets. And to admit that finishing the game for 100% is a real challenge.

LEGO Indiana Jones will provide you with a few hours of fun. Despite the sometimes annoying drawbacks, the game is definitely worth recommending - both to the fans of the friendly archaeologist and to the followers of the LEGO branded games series. Indiana Jones and his cheerful crowd repeatedly bring a smile to our face, and the experience of all the archaeologist's adventures in a slightly different, "padlocked" setting will not be lost at all. Missing Ark is waiting!

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