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Review of LEGO The Movie Videogame

Wednesday, Sep 6, 2017 | Post by Kubo | 0 comment(s)

LEGO The Movie is a product that's a problem. Fans operating near the decade of the series will surely enjoy it, but it is difficult not to notice the progressing stagnation caused by the lack of breakthrough news.

LEGO The Movie Videogame Review

LEGO bricks video games are mainly associated with the Traveler's Tales studio, and rightly so since 2005, the company has provided players with at least one title each year in one of the bricks-and-mortar universes. The adventures of Indiana Jones, Batman, Harry Potter, Star Wars or Pirates of the Caribbean are just a few examples of how strongly Danish invention has captured the imagination of players around the world. No wonder that when the movie came to LEGO: Adventure, immediately appeared his virtual counterpart. Anyone who has had the opportunity to exploit any segregation knows that very often the level of such production leaves a lot to be desired. Fortunately, LEGO Adventure is a position that provides hours of entertainment, although the idea is not.

This time players will play the role of Emmet - not a distinguished resident of Klockburg, a utopian city where everything is built according to instructions. This is a place where words like creativity and imagination are incomprehensible to the locals, and their free time is filled with soap operas. Where are my gates? or screaming to the beat of the latest radio hit. Klockburg is a model town of a blockbuster business invented by Lord Business. He had long ago dealt with Architects who were able to build great structures without using any schemes. However, there is a legend that one day the Chosen One will find a Chance of Resistance, thus destroying the order imposed by instructions and releasing the LEGO universe. Of course, this artefact finds, in the end, no other person like Emmet, which overturns his life upside down. And since every Chosen should have a wise and courageous companion at his side, his helpless helper helps him. It is true that she is a Batman girl, but who would care about such details?

LEGO Adventure is the first title in the series, where the scenery is built entirely of blocks and what's important, it makes a really good impression. As the idea for the game is based on travelling between parallel worlds, we visit many interesting and very diverse locations, including. The Wild West, the depths of the ocean, and the rainbow city in the clouds. All this is built a block by block. After just over a dozen minutes spent playing the game, it's hard to imagine that the previous parts looked different. In this respect, the LEGO cycle has definitely gone ahead. Just like in the last LEGO series, here we are dealing with the semi-open world of the game, which means that we choose when we want to continue playing in the role-playing mode, and when solving side-by-side tasks scattered around. These are so much that they lengthen the gameplay time by a few hours. In addition to collecting points to unlock additional characters, you can also find different types of gates, which - like LEGO costumes Indiana Jones - allow you to change the look of Emmet. So in Adventure, it is really something to do, although it must be remembered that this "open world" does not withstand comparisons with other productions of this type.

As for the mechanics of the game, it is quite standard. It's still the same pattern in which legends are complemented by skills, and girls and elves jump higher than guys. Of course, there are a lot of skill sequences and minigames, and most of the tasks are simple enough to handle six-year-olds. Not surprisingly, because this title is aimed primarily at the young audience. Of course, older people will find something for themselves - jokes and subtexts sewn in dialogues will be understandable only for them. Taking all this into consideration, both parents and their children will be happy with LEGO Adventure - especially in the mode of cooperation to which the games in this series are created.

As for the mechanics of speech, it is worth mentioning that the authors put more emphasis on the process of building. It may seem a bit strange that the previous Traveler's Tales games did not exploit the aspect of the design. This time, Emmet, as a good citizen of perfect utopia, was able to make multiple objects, if he had the right instruction. There was a search for the fragments of the task before the players. When you manage to collect all of them, you go through a very simplistic mini-game where you need to select the right blocks as soon as possible to complete the construction and get as many points as possible. And it's all sad. I can not understand why creators will not let you end up creating objects from start to finish. Of course, such a game would definitely last longer, but it would be far more exciting. And so, the ancients and in a few seconds a digger is created. It is difficult to get rid of the feeling that the potential of the building has been wasted.

It is also impossible to hide that the whole formula of the game is repelled by secondary. The concept of entertainment mechanics is basically the same as in any previous series. This does not mean that the product completely loses it, but you could put more fresh ideas or even seriously increase the spectrum of tasks. So every level goes by a similar pattern - jump here, jump down there, fix it, hit that, smash a few plastic heads, and take part in some dynamic fall or chase scene. Someone in the LEGO series has been playing for almost ten years, and will quickly come to the conclusion that the only thing that has really changed is the scenery. Everything else is the same with the use of several new characters and a fresh set of jokes. This time the developers of Traveller's Tales have yet to defend themselves, but will they be able to do so in the next production? I'm not sure because the very limited mode of building is a bit too little to play for the next few years.

Last but not least, there are a few irritating mistakes that can irritate you. This is mainly due to poor camera performance, especially in situations where we need to do a precise jump, but we do not see the destination. Sometimes it also happens that the character "stuck" in some texture or on the screen suddenly appear strange graphic artefacts. It also annoys the low level of intelligence that accompanies when playing by themselves because they can passively watch when someone attacks our hero.

In conclusion, the LEGO Adventure is a decent title, but only the uncritical fans of Danish export goods will be thrilled. However, the well-proven mechanics, the masses, the minigames, and the subtlety of novelty are definitely not enough to attract those who serenely retired. a long time ago. Those of you who have had a toothache and have not had a good time in their struggles can buy the product in the dark. But before you do, watch the movie first, in this way you will avoid spoilers. After the projection, you will only find the blast of the Silhouette or not-so-usual Emmet and sit down for a digital feast. Not since today, it is known that the only legitimate way to pass LEGO games from Traveler's Studios is the mode of cooperation.

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