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Review of LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham

Wednesday, Sep 6, 2017 | Post by Kubo | 0 comment(s)

After a long break and focus on film licenses, the LEGO franchise returns to the world of superheroes. This time, Batman and the other DC Universe Heroes fight for a better tomorrow not in one and in several worlds. How did they manage?

LEGO Batman 3 Beyond Gotham Review

LEGO bricks are one of the few things that, regardless of age, can not only charm but also attract the next generation. Whether we are twelve or forty years old, it seldom constitutes any barrier to a lucid glimpse of the recently exhibited new collection and even those who claim to have "long since grown up". "Hey, that looks good!". The Nuggets magic of Denmark is still present and seems to be experiencing its golden age - countless new series, masses of books, movies, clothes, mascots or even comics bring record profits. The video games that have accompanied us for a long time, only in the hands of a talented traveller's studio have become a real hit. Continuing on a consistent, good level of productions have visited almost every major movie world in the last decade, and they have also flirted with the universe of comic heroes. After a break on The LEGO Movie Videogame and the Virtual Hobbit, the creators once again joined the superheroes and super villains - this time was known for their comic book from DC.

It's easy to guess that the main plot of LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham takes place outside the fictitious city of the Dark Knight. Although the visits to the metropolis will not be avoided, we spend most of our time visiting other parts of the globe, the rest of the universe and its exotic planets. Of course, Batman and the company do not travel cosmically for their own enjoyment - wandering from place to place, trying hard to stop a Brainiac trying to diminish the Earth and the nearby worlds and take control of them. History as comic standards relatively traditional, although with promising potential, which with proper guidance could turn out to be a start to a fantastic, engaging adventure. Unfortunately, in the case of LEGO Batman 3, "could" end. The plot mode in the later parts is actually blushed, but the first few hours the game goes on un adduced, the boring player almost to death.

The farther we go on the campaign, the better it looks, and the LEGO-specific humour comes back in exactly the way you'd expect it to. And as long as the situational jokes and the story actually get out of the chapter, quite a lousy design of the personality of the individual characters, which also comes to mind at the very beginning, remains unchanged. Those who hope that the appearance on the screen of Joker or even the Green Lantern anything in this matter will change will be disappointed. I do not want to reveal too many plot details, but almost none of the superheroes are "not themselves". The features we have loved for Flash and Wonder Woman disappear in a moment like the touch of a magic wand. In a word, the great potential that lies in the heroes and villains of the DC universe goes to waste.

People whose charisma and expressive personalities are no longer needed are probably not worth the attention, but my heart was beating as I stared at Cyborg's scary mice or Lex Luthor's embarrassing Superman. Obviously, this required a game convention, but as shown by the example of Marvel Super Heroes, you can make funny production without a total mishmash. Regret was even greater than in the few passages in which the famous heroes returned to their normal state, the whole was instantly acquiring a familiar friend's climate.

But assuming that the characters will stop chirping at the end and we will head our team to action, Beyond Gotham starts hitting the right tones. At the beginning, it would be worth mentioning that the most important change in the gameplay is the novelty in the costume system. As long as the character dressing patterns have already appeared before, this time we have been given the opportunity to use them at any time, provided we have unlocked them before. All in the same form and with the help of a single button! However, some of the variants we have seen also in the previous parts, but also came, and some completely new "fatal". The fact that we can change from now on, when we like it (if we have the right hero - not everyone can dress up, but about it in a moment), very positive influence on the diversity of the game, especially the fight itself.

This is naturally still simplified to pain, and opponents completely undemanding, but free shovelling between the bombing suit and the stunner with a magnet, makes for a bit of creativity you can be really fun at the skits. The only shortcoming is the animation itself, which lasts only a second or two but it can not be omitted except in specific places, and watching for the 100th time with the same time starts to just irritate.

The above-mentioned lack of costumes for all characters at first glance may look unfavourable to the creators. But it makes a lot of sense at the moment we look at how many heroes and villains are left at our disposal. Taking into account all variations of individual heroes, there are as many as 160 playable characters to unlock. Next, to the most popular faces such as Superman, Female Cat and Bane, there is also a place for Kilowog, Stargirl or even Platinum. The average player does not say that much, but the diehard fans of the DC universe will be in the seventh heaven. In the end, it is the only chance to get involved in the Chimpanzee Detective and in the duo with Ultra-Humanity to save the world. For the players of a record-breaking record of such varied heroes undoubtedly belong the Traveler's Tales of recognition. The desire to unlock at least some of them was, of course, one of the main reasons why I had been sitting at LEGO Batman 3 after finishing the main thread.

As it is easy to guess, another of the stimulants that elongate the game is an obscenely large number of finders, bonuses and secrets to discover. It's important to get to most of them, and we have to show off something far more than patience - the tasks that creators put in front of gold collectors, mini kits, and the rest are designed in an interesting and compelling way. Although many of them are clearly modelled on already known solutions, we will also find some small novelties, which are happy to do a few times. If we add such pearls as hidden levels inspired by the 1960s Batman movie and television series, we have a full picture of what awaits us at LEGO Batman 3 - lots of extra activities, side quests and tons of trivia to find. In good fun also help beautifully made sites - the obligatory from several hits mix of brilliant elements and prerendered backdrops is still in power and despite the fact that it does not knock the effect, it is fun to run and fly after each location. Particularly commendable are the miniaturized cities that we visit during the game - are entirely made up of classic blocks and perfectly reminiscent of what architectural wonders can be created with LEGO with a bit of fantasy.

It was a disappointment for me, however, of the open world. If you hope for a free tour of Gotham like the second part of the series, the lively New York City with Marvel Super Heroes or the gigantic map of Hobbit, you may already be at the forefront of Beyond Gotham to let go. Yes, there are a number of locations in the game, where we can run without exception - apart from the Dark Knight Cave or several lantern planets, we also have a few other places where we can vent our fantasies. Their problem, however, is not a uniform design or size, but the fact that practically everyone is completely deserted. Looking for secrets even in such soulless locations can still make fun some time, but coming closer to the second tens of hours spent with the new Batman, I slowly began to feel weary. I was much more responsible for the concept proposed in the previous sections, where we received one coherent and full character of the world. This time we got some smaller ones, but they are empty and apart from the ton of blocks they do not offer anything interesting in the long run. Trapped collectors and fans going 100% of the games will probably not notice the difference, but the rest may feel this limited form of the open world severely disappointed.

Step backwards the game has not come up with it certainly in terms of graphic design, although any progress can not speak as well. Everything has been running on the same engine for a good few years, and this obviously leads to the same bugs and bugs we've seen in previous releases. Frequent blocking of the character, or even a regularly crazy camera (which I should theoretically have used for years in LEGO productions are getting used to), still blare me as much as the first time. Probably as long as Traveler's Tales does not decide to make any revolution in this area, we will be on similar antics simply condemned. There was no change in the context of the audio level as well - the soundtrack is far less powerful than the LEGO The Hobbit, or even the LEGO Marvel Super Heroes, but it certainly can not be called weak. In its favour, you can undoubtedly include the regular appearance of musical fragments from the old series (although some were simply copied from LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes) and very decent voices of key characters.

In fact, the latest title of the series is a duplication of well-proven schemes, while expanding the pack of available characters and unlockable items. Although every year it seems possible that further pursuit of this trend will eventually cease to bring Traveler's Tales profits, every time it turns out that willing to play this kind of game is a whole lot. It is hard for them to be surprised, because despite their faults, also the third Batman blockbuster is quite good. If the creators were more attached to the feature film scenario, creating a more interesting, open world and adding a bit more novelty, the rating would probably be higher, and we just received another decent production. Well, as a summary, we could say that virtual LEGO has often proved that the mix of blocks and heroes is an almost perfect combination, but unfortunately in the latest version - unlike her heroes - not everything is great.

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