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Review of the game Saints Row IV

Wednesday, Sep 6, 2017 | Post by Kubo | 0 comment(s)

Tons of humor, total thrill and plenty of dejected action - the Saints Row series returns for the fourth time in full glory! The virtual presidency is coming to its last term.

Saints Row IV Review

In the field of gangster sandboxes, the duel between the Grand Theft Auto series and Saints Row is going on just one plane - numbering. Although Rockstar has created more of the hits of its flagship saga, the story of the saints has just hit the "quad" of the GTA - and in the end, it's over. Volition Studio once again had the power of fantasy, serving a dose of crazy, ridiculous and ridiculous humour, in which it was in vain to look for even a slight substitute for normality. Although still, the authors are able to surprise with unconventional ideas and serve a mass of absolutely crazy gameplay, it is often felt that most of this have already been seen before.

The US President's chair is a very "hot chair" for at least a few reasons - because it is the most economically and militarily powerful country in the world, because it is the office most guarded by the special services because every decision can affect virtually all citizens, not just the United States. and the rest of the globe. Unless there is a gang of saints coming to power, and the head of the country becomes their charismatic leader. Our hero is not very concerned with the geopolitical situation, throwing various degrees to the right and left and making a huge use of his power, of course not always concerned with the inhabitants, but rather taking care of his own interests. Each opponent can be finished with the right political force, but no ... aliens who suddenly disturb the course of a traditional morning press briefing and enter us in a parade at the least expected moment. Pal six, that the head of the Saints was razed to the ground, and all the inhabitants of Steelport panicked - the most striking thing about our hero was the fact that some of his closest associates, along with some Zinyak and his cosmic returnees, had also fled. At one point literally melted Johnny Gat, Shaundi, Matt Miller and the rest of the crazy band. Although the overriding, honorary purpose of the US president is obviously to restore order in the state, it certainly will not be able to defeat the opponent without the help of this whole good.

Those who have memories of the Saints' gang from the previous series of the series will feel at Steelport at home - they are exactly the same terrain, although the circumstances in which we get there are, of course, quite different - instead of the beautiful, starry sky on the horizon. the silhouette of a mighty spaceship reigns and the road signs replaced the propaganda slogans supporting Zinyak's band. The gang command centre is also in the air transport, though for our hero this is only the starting point for all the missions and missions that will lead him to the ultimate triumph. Although the vast majority of scenarios take place in the city, there are also situations where we get into areas that are unlike Steelport. On several occasions, we move to its earlier version of the 50s, where elegant ladies are moving on the streets instead of fast-paced fashions, and distinguished ladies step on the well-tended and green streets. There is also a complete change of position and fight in space with the use of powerful moss, making a joyful trilogy accompanied by the original dialogue of the main characters. The perfect revelation and great idea turn out to be the stage in which we beat the next opponents in the style known from the old 2D fights published in the early 90s - the monitor is then a truly unique atmosphere. There are also a lot of patents from the previous series - cyber space combat, space occupations or dynamic fun with the ton of bullets and rockets, as well as "four" bread. The variety of places in which the action takes place is a definite advantage of the new Saints Row, although it is not to be overlooked that at some point some concepts start to repeat itself.

As we are dealing with the president of the United States (and after all, by the definition of a superman!), Volition's team has equipped our hero with a series of superhuman powers that greatly help to combat every step of cosmic evil. The pace of land exploration is sure to increase the sprint and leap that we're moving faster than cars, and it's not a problem to beat a hundred meters in one go. In the extermination of competition and upheld, fireballs and freezers are certainly useful, as well as extremely useful telekinesis or the possibility of causing shock to be a mighty stumbling block. It is impossible to hide that it is an excellent replacement for the continuous packing of buckets of cartridges into the flesh of enemies, and we have to deal with real battles, during which many computers slow down significantly. You have to admit that some of the skirmishes are still old, good, free American known from the previous series - the number of explosions, destruction and strange actions can not be counted, and the dynamics of clashes sometimes exceeds all possible standards. Well, it's just Saints Row!

Although the role-playing campaign is actually quite a dozen hours of pretty entertainment, after all, as in any good sandbox, we are also waiting for a whole bunch of other, always available attractions. Individual characters also have side missions, a prize in which there is usually a weapon, unusual clothes or additional experience. Exploring the world of gaming brings a whole host of additional challenges and challenges over which to spend really long, long hours. In addition, there is always a fight for domination in individual neighbourhoods, the removal of special infiltration points patrolled by aliens or superscript races - in this respect Saints Row makes a really great impression.

What has always distinguished the Volition studio series is undoubtedly absurd and at times an extremely grotesque humour - it is not the case this time. However, it has to be admitted that the number of erotic jokes has increased several times and unfortunately, these are not often jokes of high flights. In general, however, the absurdity of humour does not always go hand in hand with his ridiculousness. Moments can actually get the impression that the formula of totally ridiculed and unreal fun is exhausting - although Saints Row IV continues to be astonishingly surprising and generates a lot of striking situations, players, especially those with "three" humour in mind, will easily find similarity. It seems that the authors announced the break with the crazy convention of the series can produce a good effect - I do not think that the same jokes told the third time anyone laughed.

With regard to the visual setting, it is difficult to feel any progress - the design of the city has changed little, kitsch colours still turn out to be the hallmark of the series. As you can see in the palm of your hand that the time has come to the graphics engine. Imperfections in this respect can be seen practically at every step - this also applies to animation and damage simulations, which often do not reflect the size of the action we have been able to perform. Unfortunately, at times there are also texture errors, through which our character penetrates, often making it impossible to complete the mission and force it to start from the last checkpoint. The creators managed to do quite well to optimize the game engine - momentary slowdowns occur only during big explosions or battles involving dozens of opponents. The soundtrack is a great way to make sure that everyone can find something for themselves - the radio stations serve classic music as well as sharp greasy beats, and in opposition to hip-hop novels and tracks from the charts, there are such hits as "What is Love "or" Song 2 "Blur. In terms of selection of songs the authors definitely did not disappoint.

Saints Row IV is undeniably a piece of a very good sandbox, in which the grotesque literally spills out of the screen, and dynamic fun pulls at times completely. However, it is not concealed that there is repetitiveness here, both in the scripts and in the jokes of the main characters, and visually remains in the blocks since the third part. But it does not change the fact that Volition's production offers a lot of fun, with lots of original ideas and interesting solutions that we would certainly welcome with open arms in other titles. And yet, "four" is also a dozen or so hours of role-playing and several hundred side quests and challenges, which makes no one complain about lack of occupation. Such a presidency can generally be taken in the dark, but would I want another re-election - I have a lot of doubts. The series will benefit from climate change and image rejuvenation, as creators are starting to eat their own tail.

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