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Tuesday, Aug 29, 2017 | Post by Kubo | 0 comment(s)

Fashion for living corpses will not go away, and the next few months will be part of Dead Island 2 and Dying Light. However, we propose Dead Rising 3 for warm up.

Dead Rising 3 Review

It's been almost a year since the release of Dead Rising 3, which was one of the Xbox One launch titles. However, as is often the case with games developed by the Japanese company Capcom, the console exclusive when it launches sooner or later ends and PCs get a chance to take the title more refined and above all a bit more pleasing to the eye, which is the result of an even higher resolution. Is this also the case?

Dead Rising 3 for PCs appeared in the Apocalypse edition, where we get all the previously released DLC add-ons, so four new characters with missions, costumes and a tweaked weapon that will be useful in battle. In addition, we are dealing with exactly the same game in which as Nick Ramos with our friends are trying to get out of the full dead corpses and mobsters of Los Perdidos. For this purpose, we will use the huge arsenal of all weapons, vehicles and helpers, which of course we do not hesitate to use at a difficult time. The area has an open structure and is in a sense a big playground. It's like a shopping centre from the first part, where we were free to play with zombies, but now it's done on a much larger scale.

The authors probably got a bit bored at work and prepared a huge number of all "zombies". From traditional gazers, machetes and French keys, crossbows, pistols, rifles, grenades, chain saws, swords, cash registers and shopping carts, armchairs, remote control helicopters, teddy bears, and rotting meat. I assure you that almost everything is in the game. It is a pity that the operation of hundreds of weapons looks very similar, although of course it must be admitted that the katana blast will end the life of the undead more quickly than to cover it with a brick.

Hunting and gathering features in the game are not only limited to collecting scattered phantoms and exploiting them until they fall apart in the hands. The authors have come up with an interesting way to make fun of us and have prepared special weapons that we combine by putting together a few found items. It could be a big hammer or a crossbow, for example, allowing the burning of burning bolts. However, before we can do something like that, we need to find the right scheme. The same is true of the vehicles that most often serve us to navigate the crowd of dead watchers between the distant mission sites. It usually takes more time to reach the goal of the mission than to execute it. What exactly happens to people who are about to enjoy the main pleasure of exterminating a prostitute may not seem so bad. Nevertheless, in the long run, it is a rather boring part of the game. Maybe not at the beginning of the game, but when we go out for a bit, walking around the streets and performing side missions begins to distract us into the company around us.

Sometimes it is worth a bit of help. A large part of our activity is rewarded with prestige points, thanks to which the hero advances to the next level of experience, gaining attributes that can then be used for his own development. In this way, Nick becomes more effective, more vigorous, can carry more items and learn new special moves. This is a very pleasant aspect of the game, thanks to which we feel how our power grows. It is true that Dead Rising 3 in the usual fun mode for one person is not a particularly hard game, but veterans, if they choose, can raise the bar and, for example, pay a time limit on all missions. Personally, I do not like this feature of Capcom games very much, but the creators proved to be flexible enough that, as anyone wants, maybe even try playing in co-operation. The Japanese prepared themselves firmly for every situation, for which they should get a big plus.

Unfortunately, my positive opinion about Dead Rising 3 is over. In the game, we fight from time to time with different bosses, which do not represent almost any challenge. Finding a way to do it usually takes a few seconds. Sometimes it is enough to look around at what objects are under our feet. A separate problem is keyboard control. It is uncomfortable and not precise. This game was created to handle it with pads, for which it comes with full comfort. The controller is then the extension of our arm. Capcom also did not show off in code optimization. In the conversion, there are unpleasant animations. I suppose that on the weaker hardware you will also have to go down pretty much with details to enjoy a fairly stable animation, which at the hundreds of creatures on the screen at the same time should not be surprised at the screen. Even if the variety of their appearance is not as big as you would wish.

As mentioned before, all DLC add-ons are included in the game. In this weapon, which in case of lonely fun in the campaign definitely disturbs the balance of the game already on its start. The weird tools of extermination, lying in every hiding place and accessible without any restrictions, make us feel absolute for some time. On the one hand it is very good that the PC players will not have to spend a penny on a DLC, but on the other hand, the immoderate use of this help makes boredom sneak faster.

The biggest objection to Dead Rising 3 is the gameplay scheme. City snooping in search of finding and deploying thousands of zombies may seem interesting for a while, but really, besides this great playground, the game does not offer much more. The story is not very tense, it's trivial, and the characters that Nick meets on their way have the charisma of a piece of rotten meat. Well, unless someone plays a guy with a gun in the shape of a male member. I understand that this is not to be a serious title and to make fun of corpse corpses, but there are some boundaries.

Technical problems are somewhat overwhelmed by the receipt of Capcom's work, but one has to admit that it is better to play on a PC than on the Xbox One. The picture is of higher resolution, of course, and you can see more details. People who enjoy non-binding enjoyment in full of illusory world possibilities will find here some hours of pleasure. Especially if they go to Los Perdidos in the company. The game will also make fun of zombie fans for whom this title seems to be a compulsory purchase. Because despite my complaints, it's a solid production that seems to be a little unlucky. First, it was a rush to release the game for the launch of the Microsoft console, which had to end with a dozen or so gigahertz patch, and now the aforementioned poor code optimization. My adventure with the dead in a capcom edition captivated me moderately, not to say that I accepted it quite coolly. Well, like the dead body of a corpse.

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