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Monday, Aug 28, 2017 | Post by Kubo | 0 comment(s)

Remember Me is a cyberpunk Neopathic full of teeth. Tremendously high skyscrapers, big ads, droids as window washers and shopping carts. And among all this hunter of memory - dangerous hackers of the human mind. Will another hit?

Remember Me Review

In recent times, several titles have appeared, the simplest of which is reduced to one word: cyberpunk. Megalopolis full of greedy corporations hiring mercenaries to guard the interests of directors in the high-rise skyscrapers. Sidewalks drowning in acidic rain, reflected in the puddles of colourful advertising. Somewhere invisible to the corporate eyes passersby slum, inhabited by social outcasts. And network, necessarily. Without network, there is no cyberpunk. It is only for such a melange to add some original elements, such as sense, allowing people to share it with other memories.

Of course, as every technical news, sensen also turned out to be imperfect and was the cause of some complications. In the world came the profession of memory hunters, who professionally engaged in stealing information directly from the human mind. One is Nilin, the main character of Remember Me, written by Dontnod and released by Capcom.

In the year 2084, Neopathic is just such a megalopolis from the above description, in which the relics of the past - the Eiffel Tower - barely mark their presence at the feet of powerful skyscrapers. This is a city of contrasts. With beautiful residential and office districts, being fortresses protected by private mercenary corporations, border the slums. In fallen alleys and subway tunnels live leapers - human creatures exploited by Memorize, the company responsible for the uprising.

The world featured in Remember Me has been extremely suggestive, though the Neoparyza site designs, which look great in concept drawings, are not in the game itself. During the game, there are fragments of this metropolis, but usually as a background, and not as attractive as it would be if you were expecting a big game of calibre. Yes, several times we get to the charming places, but at the end of the game, uniform corridors of secret laboratories or side streets just start to tire up. In the appropriate revival of the city did not help also models of people living and dropping them - static, repeating endlessly the same gestures or simply immobile.

Neoparies is not an open city. Remember Me is a game in which every step and every jump is here designed by the creators and either you will do what they have come up with or you will not do anything. The lack of freedom to navigate the sites is a price for a more compact and coherent story, which - which is fairly honestly given to Dontnod people - is quite good. The story revolves around the hunter of Nilin's memories, which the player takes on. The girl, due to certain manipulations, has lost some memory, and throughout the game along with mysterious Edgem, communicating with her only through voice messages, we help her recover. A good story does not mean, however, that this title is somehow remarkable in this respect. Especially the finale may be a bit disappointing. Remember Me repeats, unfortunately, cyberpunk schemes and does not do it with graceful ballerinas.

What distinguishes Dontnod from the crowd are the two original aspects. I have already written about the sensation, but it is worth adding a few more words. The implanted module also displays various information about the environment in the Nilin field of vision. Remember Me is a part platform game, but jumping on the fronts or roofs of the building has been very simplistic in it. First of all, because every edge that a character can grasp is clearly marked. Secondly - doing acrobatics at heights, you really have to really try to die, so this element does not represent virtually any challenge. In the later stages of the game, there are still so-called. These are projections of phantom characters, in fact, their memories, thanks to which the heroine knows how to bypass the minefield, for example. Or extract codes and passwords that open the way. This sounds complicated, but in practice, it is reduced to repeating certain movements or rhythmic pounding on one of the buttons during the burglary of the minds of the victims.

The game was heavily advertised for this ability to manipulate Nilin's memory goals. The hunter in some way enters into the mind of such a miser by first seeing the actual course of events, and then using the option of reversing time and interfering with objects and objects in the vicinity changes a given situation, causing people in the head. The idea is cool, performance is also not the worst and if it develops, it could actually become an asset of the gameplay. The point is that throughout the game, memory manipulation only appears four or five times, the first one being a tutorial, the other being widely presented long before the premiere, and the rest is about the same event and taking place in almost the same scene. It seems a little serious, so it's just the aspect of the game and the profession of the hunter's memory that ninety-five percent of the gameplay is jumping around the buildings and knocking on the faces of the opponents.

The second rare element of the game is the ability to create your own combination of blows. As the story progresses, new strings are available, half of which we can fill with our own. In total there are five combinations, consisting of three to eight attacks. During the fight against the opponents, we win the PMP - the points of the procedural champions, so that we unlock the so-called. Presseny belongs to four categories: power, regeneration of life points, restoration of s-presence, about which in a moment, and pressed chains, which strengthen the effect of presence earlier. In addition, the further the press comes in the combination, the greater the gain.

Although only two buttons are used during the fight, I admit that the above system was my favourite. Mainly because it allows for tactical tactics. In the battles with the adversaries, there are various presses, and it may happen that we have lost a duel with the boss or a more difficult battle because of their bad setting. This is mainly the final part of the game, were struggling with the opponents' clans becomes quite difficult even on a normal level of difficulty.

S-press name has been named special skills Nilin, which can be used during the fight. This is, for example, massive punches, becoming invisible or turning over to the side of the fighting robots. After each use, this ability requires regeneration. To shorten the waiting time pressed is used for restoration in the combination of punches. Pretty neat, understandable and fun to perform. It is a shame that in the course of duels often camera failure, which has to be constantly corrected because it would most likely not show what should.

Remember Me also defends an absolutely brilliant musical setting, often mixing orchestral inserts with dynamic electronic music. The whole thing reminds me of Don Davis and Juno Reactor's soundtracks to the Matrix series. Olivier Derivere, the author of the music for the game, did a fantastic job.

In spite of many doubts Remember Me deserves a chance? If you love cyberpunk and look forward to such titles as Shadowrun Returns and Cyberpunk 2077, you can give yourself peace and until the prime time to take care of the game of dress. On the other hand, if you are tempted to play with a standard face-tap on the entourage of the city of the future, interrupted by frequent cut scenes, not to mention the big hit reminiscent of years of conversation by the fireplace, you can set in the queue to the cash register. The few hours you need to finish the game should not be considered wasted, although somewhere around two-thirds of the game I've been terribly tired and only looked at the finals.

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