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Deadfall Adventures Review Game

Sunday, Aug 27, 2017 | Post by Kubo | 0 comment(s)

Painkiller HD creators took on Spielberg's adventure movie studio and presented it in the form of a nice shooter FPP. Does Allan Quatermain's grandson have something to say in the present day?

Deadfall ADventure Review

Deadfall Adventures, formerly known as The Adventurer, is a new proposal by NecroVision and Painkiller HD. The Farm 51 again serves FPP shooting, but once again uses "atmospheric voltages" and invites players to the world completely different from those of previous studies. The thirties, the mighty artefact, the Nazis, the beautiful woman, the mouthing of the main hero and exotic locations. What do you associate with it?

Despite the use of H. Rider Haggard's work and making of the main hero of the famous Allan Quatermain's grandson, 90% of the audience will have the Indiana Jones and his film adventures. The association is simple and pleasant, and in the modelling of the best, there is nothing wrong with it. Especially if the final effect is quite successful. The main character is chiselled, smashes with one-liners, teases with the adventurous fellow accompanying him, tends to collect all the trinkets he encounters, and at the same time is conducive to his extraordinary happiness. Write, paint Dr Jones (even a hat to wear like), though I doubt that the developers also looked closely at the first two parts of Mumia with Brendan Fraser in the lead role.

So you already know that the starting point for this whole confusion is very cool, especially since the games in adventurous climates are rather little - the last noteworthy virtual Indiana Jones (not counting his adventures in the LEGO version) appeared 10 years ago, and the recognized series Uncharted It's happening now, so it's a bit different. The story focuses on an artefact known as the Heart of Atlantis and forces the hero to travel around the world, as the various parts of this object lie on other continents, and only the whole of the universe will work wonders. Of course, they are also looking for the mysterious Nazi occult, so you will hear a lot of German shouts and English texts spoke with a wonderful, hard accent.

The game Deadfall Adventures functions as follows: we walk down the corridor, James speaks to Jennifer, then appears a bit more open space, go out enemies, shoot, go further, get a simple puzzle or looking for a short treasure led to the treasure, then later repeat. Thanks to a reasonable mix of fighting and exploration, the campaign is not boring and quite satisfactorily reached its very end (which took me less than 9 hours, and I tried to be quite meticulous while looking for hidden treasures), although I will not hesitate to point out some shortcomings later.

Our hero carries two types of weapons at the same time - short and long, and during the game, many times change basic revolvers with unlimited ammunition such as high-speed guns and support with rifles, sniper rifles or torn from dead Nazi hands MP38. For lack of arsenal diversity, no one should complain, especially since a flashlight that "softens" supernatural enemies also comes into action. The same can be done in a few places using the sunlight reflected from the mirrors. Nice variety. In James' arsenal, there are also two other essential gadgets - a compass and a notebook. The first one has a needle immersed in Atlantean gold, and whenever the treasure is near, it indicates its location. In turn, the scrapbook contains Quatermain's grandfather's advice on puzzles encountered along the way (by the way - it means that exactly the same places he once visited Allan, but for some reason left all the remains intact, so that his grandson ... could be touched, conceded).

And since the puzzles speak - they often occur, but they never make trouble. If you want more challenge, you should immediately set the level of complexity of this aspect of the game high (easy to draw a notebook, interesting objects are highlighted, like in the new Batman, and difficult to blur some hints in the notes of Allan).

You can choose the difficulty of duels individually, but even at the end of the fun is hard to kill - James's health regenerates very quickly, and the hero himself can take a really big lead on the cage. Jennifer's companion is immortal, but extremely unprofessional (even though she shot straight into the wall because she was so oddly set that the animation of the leap from behind the obstacle did not pass the exam), although the main cause of fighting simplicity is low intelligence opponents. They stand like cops, shoot a little, then fall like flies. They often put their heads in front of obstacles, and the top of their finesse is to throw a grenade in our direction or to escape a similar gift sent by us. I'm going to miss the most deadly hit in the foot of the sniper, which eliminated enemies just as effectively as headshots. Fortunately, the use of ancient traps against enemy hosts is very pleasant regardless of AI cunning.

I have already mentioned that the campaign in Deadfall was nice to me, although in some places I realized the unrealized potential. In addition to one, very successful and even compulsory (given the subject of the game), the "wagon" sequence is all the time walking around with my own strength - I lacked the ability to control a vehicle, I would not offend too few well-made QTE And despite the prevailing dislike for this type of mechanics, I think that in this kind of production, reasonably well-dosed and well-implemented quick-time events can diversify the gameplay.) I would also like some nonlinearity, such as the fake, like Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory - one way leading through the enemy camp, requiring warming barrels to redness, while the other hidden, allowing to slip unnoticed. Short walks to the side for some statue are very nice, but not enough.

Complaints continued. Interaction with the environment is poor. All you can do is push the buttons, and activate the puzzles. Most vases or boxes turn out to be indestructible (and once habitable during the shooting of fragments of stone statues I hit only once), so eruptions are devastating only among the close to the opponents. Scripts advancing a given stage sometimes cheat (as in the sequence with crushed Jennifer ceiling: I had to lock the mechanism - "fast because I'm dead" - Meanwhile, at some point the trap stopped and politely waited until I'm done, A piece of iron with dynamite - but I could not use the one I had with me, because the game required shooting at the load that the creators themselves put at the destination), maps have apparently open, but James is not able to squeeze through the wide gap Between trees or jump into a low wall. I also do not know why someone thought it would be a cool idea to use a flashlight that appears out of some of the long arms - when we turn on the light, the torch materializes under the barrel, and when turned off, the flashlight disappears. It's just a detail, but quite funny.

The biggest annoyance, however, was the typical Unreal Engine 3, the texture, which is the texture of the player's eyes. Many times the first seconds after loading a given level (and sometimes also the introductory animation) looked like smelly porridge and gradually gaining focus. The computer meets the requirements without stalling, the game goes smoothly with textures set to "very high", the drivers have installed the latest, and here the flowers. However, I have to point out that on the second hardware the problem was only on the menu, and in the game itself no, maybe it is a random issue. Nevertheless, such a situation should not be (as is the case here and there in the form of a levitation, an unwrapped compass, or completely devoid of textures, black arms).

Despite the above objections in Deadfall, I was very pleased. I wanted to visit other locations, I wanted to develop the story (even if the finale was not as exciting as I expected it), and those few nights spent with James Lee Quatermain I do not think it was lost. Deadfall Adventures is a very solid, playable production, but more testing and reflection on some of the solutions could be useful. Because so far nothing can count on anything close to the Indiana Jones adventure, it is worth giving Quatermain a chance.

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