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The four horsemen of the Apocalypse have returned, and after the end of the war adventure we are waiting for a closer contact with Death. Continuing, Darksiders offers all this, thanks to which the first part has achieved market success, adding a lot of new ones.

Darksiders II Review

The first Darksiders were warmly received by the players and definitely can not refuse them in this case of good taste. It was a very good slasher, which, in the face of its direct competition, could and did not stand out as an archetypal combat system, but the possible shortcomings in this field made up with interesting subjects, the ability to sustain our interest throughout the campaign and perfectly prepared puzzles. The second part is similar in this respect, although I am happy to say that in some aspects it even falls better than its prototype.

Before we get into the details of the Darksiders II storyline, it's worth mentioning, in a nutshell, what the previous cycle was. The whole thing in a very loose way referred to the Apocalypse of St. John. In the game we played in the war, or in one of the four biblical riders. The character was wrongly accused of bringing humanity to Armageddon, and practically throughout the game, we tried to restore balance under the watchful eye of the Observer. While the end of Darksiders: Wrath of War clearly suggested the creation of the second part of the cycle, we do not have a direct continuation of the events of that game. The Darksiders II action takes place in parallel with the "one" events. While the War is trying to reach the mighty Destroyer, we direct other riders - Death - who want at all costs (bold font I used here not accidentally) to save his brother. All of this obviously means the need to take part in a new adventure, and this is expected to be long and full of countless adversities.

The Darksiders II storyline was run quite smoothly, skillfully justifying the efforts of the controlled character on the way to save the war. The action was mostly followed by great interest and I was pleasantly surprised, but I do not think the writers have done as well as before. First of all, such prominent supporting characters as in the previous instalment of the series. The new heroes of the story are mostly colourless, and they have probably noticed the authors themselves because we are witnesses of many returns (not to mention too much, I will say again that we meet again the demonic merchant Vulgrima). The second issue is a fairly average final story. The game does not end with such a nudge as it should, and in addition, the final boss is a big disappointment (also in terms of difficulty of the duel).

As I mentioned at the outset, the Darksiders II in terms of gameplay does not differ significantly from its predecessor, being a slasher with clearly highlighted elements of exploration. The combat system is still very accessible. Its core is the use of two buttons, which are responsible for the main (as we control Death, it could not be anything else like the big scythe) and additional weapons (here we have to choose both slow two-handed sword and various blades with high-speed attacks). I like the fact that the game does not require remembering long combinations of buttons, and it makes more intuitive use of the available strikes, supported by dodges and various special attacks. The latter category includes, among other things, transforming into a killer Reaper, taking out a quick charge or summoning magicians.

Many of these unique attacks are unlocked from the level of the skill tree. This is not the only RPG gameplay because in the game we also find a lot of equipment (items of clothing, amulets, weapons), which we choose in the inventory according to their own needs. Fans of the harvest will be satisfied, as the loot is random, and the gathering of rare items is a challenge. It is worth mentioning here that Death turns out to be agiler than the War and can be seen in skirmishes. In many cases, it often requires great skill in avoiding blows. This is good news, especially for diehard fans of "classic" slasher. The positive image of the fight is undoubtedly influenced by a varied bestiary, which consists not only of different varieties of demons but also among overgrown insects or constructions, which is a golem. Equally interesting are often the emerging bosses, and although many of them are defeated in a very traditional way, that is, targeting their sensitive points, there are also deviations from this rule. A pleasant surprise awaits the players who remember the titans from the last part of Castlevania.

As for exploration, as in the "one", we have a division into acrobatic shows using interactive elements of the environment and logic puzzles. I would like to focus on the second component at this point because the Darksiders II puzzles are one of the strongest points in the game. It starts innocently because you have to roll the ball into a big hole or in the right order pull the levers. Over time, however, the puzzles become increasingly complex and I assure you that you will often stop trying to figure out the next step. The variety and appeal of these challenges are undoubtedly influenced by the various abilities and gadgets of Death unlocked by the game. In the next part of the game, we are waiting, among other things, playing with portals, issuing correct orders called beings, or tearing Death's soul, so that two locations appear in his location. It is worth mentioning here that each puzzle has its logical justification and thus the satisfaction of solving them is HUGE.

Darksiders II is a big game - no doubt about it. Completing the main storyline is a matter of a minimum of 20 hours and during this time fatigue virtually does not make itself known. This is not only the case of not only the previously mentioned giving of Death but also a great variety of visited areas, including numerous dungeons (abandoned forts, citadels, caves) as well as extensive areas (forests, terrains Ice skating, a city of the dead). I do not want to bet too much here, although I will mention that we are also waiting for a second visit to Earth, which is slightly different rules of fun from the remaining stages. It is also worth noting that the game is rewarding re-testing of the same locations, as with the example of Batman's recent adventures, reaching certain areas is only possible if you have a certain ability.

In addition to dealing with Death's main quests, there are also plenty of side quests, mostly commissioned by independent characters. These missions can be very interesting, even offering optional dungeons and bosses, but there are also some common myths that only come up with finding well-hidden secrets. Lastly, it is worth mentioning about the Crucible, where under controlled conditions we continue fighting and strive to win valuable prizes. All this makes the completion of the game one hundred percent is a matter of tens of hours.

The first Darksiders did not appreciate the quality of the visual setting and this time, unfortunately, similarly. From the artistic side, the title is very good, because I liked the interesting apocalyptic-Gothic-comic decor, the architecture of crossed dungeons, the spectacular execution on enemies or the beautiful landscapes that stretch before our eyes in larger locations. It is worse when we look at the graphics from a purely technical point of view. In the review for Xbox 360, the texture of the substrate and selected objects of the environment, as well as the poor flora, are very poorly displayed, mainly due to the exploration of logs and forest areas. Cases do not save unequal framerate. This does not bother you in the gameplay, but the crunchy animation becomes irritating, especially when you want to enjoy the nicely cut scenes. Other technical abnormalities include too slow navigation on the menu windows and occasional stoppage of stock due to subsequent loading.

As far as the sound is concerned, there is nothing to be ashamed of, and it is worth mentioning the main character, who speaks in a more mature voice from the war, backed by Canadian actor Michael Wincott. This is not the only casting decision, as they are also very popular during the play of the Ancients. I can not say anything about the musical setting, though some motifs are a bit too often repeated. Darksiders II is a very successful sequel, primarily aimed at fans of the first part, but it can also be of interest to those players who do not know the adventures of the War and are just looking for a glamorous slasher. It provides fun, effectively forcing not only to show ape dexterity but also logical thinking. To the fullest of luck, there is no better graphics and a slightly better finish but they are not defects that could discourage this work. This is undoubtedly a successful investment because you do not have to worry that the product after a few days will land on good shelves, joining the other finished titles.

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