The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - Review - we have a game of the year?

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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim hit hard and effectively enough that we lost our heads. Is the new Bethesda product a brick-and-mortar candidate for the year? This question is answered in the review.

The Elder Scroll V Skyrim

I'm not a moron lover, but I share the opinion of many The Elder Scrolls fans who claim that Oblivion Bethesda did not go out. Mass of unnecessary simplifications and poor conceptual solutions made this game start to think well after installing a few amateur modifications. The underdeveloped "four" obviously had an impact on the approach to Todd Howard's and company's success. I admit without beating - after Skyrim I did not expect any miracles, I was quite convinced that its creators would try another product from the cycle "no mods do not come". As it turned out, my fears did not find confirmation in reality. Although the fifth edition of the Elder Scrolls saga is not without defects, it is one of the best eras of recent years and the most serious candidate for the 2011 title. Why?

There are several reasons, and the first one is presented in the game world. A visit to the famous aura of the province is an absolutely fantastic experience. While it is well-known what to expect from the ice-cold land, designers remember that monotony is the greatest enemy of good fun - as a result, despite the fact that the white-covered terrain actually prevails, there is no shortage of other locations. The creators are also considered to be prime spots. The grim cloister at the top of the World's Throat is a sight you will never forget, just as it is like the sinking monumental Azura monument in the heavy snowfall. Every explorer who likes to enjoy the world tour, will not be a new product of Bethesda let down. For the possibility of admiring virtual land stands, you should think about buying this game.

The second reason is the climate. Skyrim is the land of the Nords, brave men hardened in battle, who force their inhospitable land to live their place. The hard character of the North people was simply rendered perfectly, and as a result, the interaction with them added to the game's specific charm. Influence on the great atmosphere also includes new or long-sighted creatures that bestowed on the best. The most prominent representatives of this first group are obviously dragons, which at the beginning of the adventure make a stunning impression. Returning enemies are eg giants, most recently in Daggerfall. Mammoths who care for their giants wake up with so much respect that for a long time they unintentionally miss a wide arc, quite rightly.

The last factor determining the unearthly climate of Skyrim is the weather. When on a hike we encounter a snowstorm and suddenly the visibility is limited to a few dozen meters, the chill pass on the back. When the northern lights appear in the night sky, we immediately stop to admire the fantastic view. There is no exaggeration in saying that in the matter of creating a mood, the Bethesda people have gone through themselves, and the examples above are the best evidence.

On top of that, not only the overall cover but also the mechanics of the game. This is where the broadly defined freedom of action comes into play. The Elder Scrolls series I have long loved for the fact that after the mandatory prologue I can completely ignore another point of the main task, turn on his heel and go where my eyes will bear. Skyrim is not an exception in this respect. This is a huge area to explore, lots of creatures to slaughter, a variety of additional activities (smithery, alchemy, enchantment, and even mundane things, typically Gothic things like sawmilling or cooking), and of course the whole lot of tasks to do - Large, expanded as well as smaller, random. In order to comprehensively cover all this, we will have to spend at least a hundred hours, and not at all about the exact exploration of every cave or tomb, which usually consumes a lot of time. Skyrim is perhaps the most extensive RPG of recent years, and the fact that we have full freedom in its taste makes it an absolutely unique dish.

The bright and clear development of the hero, which has traditionally been based on real training rather than the experience points, is a great advantage of the game. Building a character in Skyrim depends on how often and skillfully we use the available skills. If we are going to improve the blocking of the shields, the latter must be used in non-stop battles. Similarly, we do not advise to open locks with a tack if we do not systematically pick at them. Continuous practice makes the master, and when we finally reach a higher level, we can choose one of the unique features that increase our abilities in a variety of ways. What is important, the authors have sat across the whole system, so they have been able to take a step towards Oblivion. Missing talents disappeared, such as acrobatics, others were modified or added completely new. The introduction of the perks forced a more thoughtful development of characters, especially since bonuses are no longer received from the march as in the "four" and have to make difficult choices. The characters in Skyrim are no longer as universal as they were in the previous series. We may still be able to train every skill at max, but that does not mean we will get all the profitable ones.

The refinement can also be seen in other aspects of the gameplay. The authors took heart to complain to fans about matching the strength of the enemy to our character and greatly improved the system. Now from the beginning of the struggle, we encounter creatures that are not worthy to be kidnapped (the mammoths or giants mentioned earlier), but we also clearly feel an advantage in the fight against weaker opponents. In order not to be too easy, there are always more and more powerful individuals among every group of enemies, so even after several hours of play, someone will be able to beat us up. This rule applies to almost all types of rivals - except there are dragons and this is, unfortunately, one of the biggest drawbacks of the game.

As you probably already know, our ward is the descendant of the killers of giant reptiles and their killing in the blood. Unfortunately, the authors make it much easier for the player to feel this role because flying monsters are easy prey even for a medium-developed hero. What if they show exceptionally high resistance to blows when they are beaten without major problems? It is enough to wait patiently until the enemy lands on the ground in order to overwhelm him with the blows of strokes, systematically diminishing the huge supply of energy. The game would have been much better if this type of clashes turned out to be the real way through the torment - then at the sight of the dragon rising from the lair, we would think twice about deciding to accept the challenge. But this is only the beginning of the struggle. When we smash the first reptile, the spell bursts and in the world, we are no longer afraid of them.

Skyrim also has a few other shortcomings, but I would not mention them to be particularly burdensome - I mean here technical imperfections, which in Bethesda products traditionally lacking. He is glad that the authors systematically publish the patches, although they probably will not stop soon because it is patchy. The most painful of scripts - once I happened that one of the heroes did not go to the designated location, which prevented the task (if not that often I would have to resort to console commands). Sometimes the system of random quests also fails. In Twice Throne, I searched for the same magical helmet twice in another location. It's no secret that the interface could be better, but it's hard to compromise here - it's no surprise that Bethesda made a product for consoles, so the supporters of the mouse + keyboard set from scratch on the losing streak. For blown menus, you just have to get used to it, after a few hours of fun I did not pay much attention to it.

From the graphic side, Skyrim looks quite good, though unevenly. Gamebryo's engine, which for some reason has been hailed by Todd Howard as a completely new engine, still has poor performance in animation. The game is better viewed from the perspective of the first person than the third person, and yet you have to turn a blind eye to some "attractions", such as ridiculous hares. Locations and the world are much better than Oblivion and they are really nice - in addition, PCs are now able to take advantage of the first mods that are even more beautiful in the northern provinces. The audio lacing is unquestionable, especially as the music author Jeremy Soule has done a great job.

Perfect games do not exist, and Skyrim is no exception to this rule. Bethesda's new work has not broken with tradition - although it is intricately designed and strongly encouraging to play with a sandbox, it still has various shortcomings, which are sometimes difficult to close the eye. Also keep in mind that the fifth installment of The Elder Scrolls series is not a product that will appeal to RPG lovers who appreciate a good storyline - neither the storyline nor the dialogue with independent characters is the highest flight. It is a product of a completely different class than eg the second Witcher, where often the key decisions for further development of the situation. Skyrim puts on something completely different: it is not a carefully planned intrigue, which we unveil during the series of strictly planned events, but a typical sandbox where the role of the player is reduced to doing what he wants to do. Unbelievably free-spirited, top-class atmosphere, a multitude of tasks, a mass of visitors, a well-designed location, full freedom in creating a character, and adjusting his skills to our needs. Freedom and thrill - these are the keywords for this game.

We will not dim you, Skyrim has us enchanted. In the editorial of all without exception - both those who have not loved TES so far and those who have been with this series since the very beginning. The verdict can not, therefore, be different - the first in the "decade". Not because it is a breakthrough game because it is not. Not because it is a game that is refined in every way because it is also far from it. We give a maximum rating because despite the great competition in the market and many great titles did not appear this year a product that would have consumed us to the extent of the fifth The Elder Scrolls. I've been working it out for the second time - this time at home, for pleasure - and I'm still discovering something new in it, I'm still not bored. You do not need a better recommendation for a computer game. Mandatory purchase.

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