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Call of Juarez is actually the story of two different people who have linked the tragedy. In the first place, we have the opportunity to meet Billy. This is a typical adventurer, who after a few years decided to return to the family ...

Call of Juarez

Today's FPP shootings I would most like to divide into three different groups. We are most often dealing with titles that are not paid much attention. Such a state of affairs may have a significant impact on the low-performance level of a given product, as a result of which only the absolute enthusiasts of the particular species will be interested, or those who are just beginning their adventure with virtual entertainment. The second group of shooters usually form successors known to hit players, or those games, for which responsible developers are internationally respected. There are usually a lot of such positions before the official launch, so assuming the final version will offer the game at a very high level.

To the third group, I would count those games that can not be put in a row with low budget mediocrity. On the other hand, however, they are far from interested in accompanying premieres of the biggest hits. I also think that a lot of time would have to be spent explaining this. Most often, this is due to the fact that some elements of the game are not being developed or that the topic is not popular. It is also important that players can remember the tricks of a given developer for many years. Call of Juarez in my personal opinion will be included in this category of games. I would like to point out that this is a solid shooter with excellent graphics. However, I believe that this game will not be very successful, mainly due to the underplaying of the gameplay elements. You can not fail to notice that the potential resulting from both the graphical engine and the untypical subject matter has not been fully exploited. But before we go to the final evaluation, let's look at the different components of the game being reviewed. And you have to admit that there is definitely something to talk about ...

If you look more closely at the titles you currently offer, you may find that games played in the Wild West are rarely chosen by PeCetal producers. So it's good to talk about a few games here. We have to admit that the Polish producer has quite skillfully tried to fit into this category. Call of Juarez at the moment seems to have two solid competitors. These games, however, present a completely different approach to fun. The Gun Game, released in 2005, could be described as a typical "console", which was evident at every turn (uncomfortable steering, focus on extra challenges, use minigames, etc.). The second part of Desperados continues to be seen as a rather unusual combination of real-time strategy and logic games, even in spite of the full 3D view. Call of Juarez turned into a completely different side. We are dealing with a title presenting a much more mature approach to the gameplay.

Call of Juarez is really a story of two different people who (as soon as they show up) have combined a tragedy. In the first place, we have the opportunity to meet Billy. This is a typical adventurer, who after a few years decided to return to the family. Upon reaching the place, however, he hears the cries coming from his parents' farm. At this point, we get to know the second playable character. Revered Ray, a man we are not familiar with at first. We can only guess that in the past he was not on the side of light, and only some events in his life prompted him to make such a decision. Ray goes to his brother's farm, alarmed by the sound of gunfire. At this point comes the first confrontation between the two characters. Billy was in the wrong place at the wrong time. As a result, it looks like the perpetrator of the cruel murder. Ray, in view of the death of his brother and his wife, is in turn overwhelmed with the desire for revenge, wishing, of course, to pick up the boyfriend and measure him justice. As you can easily guess, the whole story has a second bottom. Not wanting to spoil you too much fun, I will add that only a missing treasure of the Aztecs will play an important role to which we will have to reach. Despite the fact that the game develops in a very predictable way, the feature layer of the game has to be fairly high, especially considering that this is primarily a shooter rather than a complex adventure game.

On the other hand, the form of presentation of subsequent events deserves another consideration. Call of Juarez has to offer fifteen chapters, but you can not suggest it in any way. The initial chapters usually consist of 3-4 smaller levels, resulting in a much longer take over time. The subsequent episodes of the peer-reviewed shoot are, of course, much shorter. Generally, however, the length of the game can not complain, especially if compared to other new shooters. You can not, however, notice that the game has an extremely linear gameplay. As a matter of consolation, I will add that the goals we are facing are quite varied. As a result, going through the chapters of chapters was usually a great pleasure for me. As for the storyline, important events are usually explained by the interrupt scenes generated on the game engine. Unfortunately, in most cases, they are not very interesting. Fortunately, they can be omitted. I also liked the fact that the aforementioned characters are controlled by a change. Also, in many missions, their paths coincide. It is so often that when we play Ray we come to a scene we had the opportunity to see, but with Billy's eyes.

Exactly, I would say a bit more about the differences between these characters. Let's start with Billy. As I mentioned earlier, it is with him that we first have the opportunity to get acquainted. I have the impression that the levels of his participation of many players may not come to your liking, especially those who from similar productions expect only a large dose of spectacular shootings. Taking on a young tramp, we are primarily dealing with a typical sneak peek. So we have to stay in the shadows and avoid enemies as much as possible, because in many missions, initiating an alarm is equivalent to failure. It is a pity, however, that the idea of sneaking itself was treated by a stoner. Performing the aforementioned steps usually does not cause any major problems. Opponents are actually blind and in order to get caught, you have to really try. Even less stressful is the possibility of hiding in bushes, which he encourages many times. As a result, we can with impunity go between the bandits, not really worrying about anything else. In some missions, some obstacles (eg lightning strike can reveal our position for a fraction of a second) but not enough.

It is definitely more interesting to do that when the bandits on the map do not have to worry. Billy's levels transform into a fairly simplistic copy of Tomb Raider or other items from this genre. Initially, it seemed to me that such missions would get boring soon enough. The next obstacle I did, however, with great enthusiasm, the more that in some situations we had to carefully plan further moves. It is also worth mentioning the useful option in many situations to slip into the lower shelves. This has been solved in a very cool way. We often have to use a whip, which is one of the most commonly used objects in the game. The whip is used primarily to reach those shelves we could not afford to miss. It is enough to "hook" to a tree or other type of object. Interestingly, the whip can also be used in a slightly different way. It allows neutralizing the game (mostly wolves) encountered on the way. Billy can of course also use the classic giver, but I'll talk more about them in a moment. I would like to mention the exceptionally effective and easy to use arc, but it only appears in two campaign missions and for a short period of time.

We looked at the game, time for the hunter. I will not hide the fact that the stages with Ray's involvement with me were much more appealing to me. It would be worth staying here and say a little more about the fighting. This is one of the basic attractions of the game. Call of Juarez is not one of those shooters in which opponents can shoot like ducks, and the main character is able to take dozens of missiles. In reviewing production for each duel you have to come up with some caution. First of all, you can not learn too much, because the opponents (especially those armed with better rifles) are waiting for such an opportunity. As a result, you need to find good curtains (walls of buildings, crates, etc.). Additional options include crouching, leaning and zooming. While performing the last two steps may be missing fingers on the keyboard, but generally not so bad. On the plus side, you also need to count the division of the enemy's body into zones. A quick shot at the head allows you to quickly finish a duel. There are situations in which bandits do not want to die quickly, although they are rare. It is a pity, however, that during the boss battles there are typically console consoles of energy. In my opinion, they do not fit the style of this game. The same goes for bottled bottles that can be cured quickly. I am afraid, however, that abandoning this type of facility could scare away many players.

It would also be nice to say a few more curiosities. Let's start with something lighter. In many places, there is the possibility of inviting fire. For this purpose mainly used oil lamps. In this way, some duels can be made more attractive, for example expelling enemies from the occupied hide. You also need to be interested in the games you currently have. They may break. So we have to replace the weapon before. Fortunately, this does not cause any problems, as practically every opponent is left behind leaving a giver behind. Even more interesting is the well-known Max Payne bullet-time games. In the review game, he was called concentration mode. In order to be able to use this mode at all, the revolvers must be retrofitted appropriately. Bullet-time is especially useful when we need to clean a small room with 2-4 opponents. Interestingly, on the screen, we see two separate sights on the screen, and our task is to target them on the bandits. In a similar style, duels are played to death and life. I might even be tempted to say that we are dealing here with a very complicated minigarette. The whole fun is based primarily on the quick pull out. Targeting the opponent is no longer a big problem. As for givers, we can carry two revolvers and a rifle or shotgun. We have to admit that the weapons gained during the game are quite diverse. However, it is also possible to use all your favourite games only with your favourite giver. Other items, such as dynamite, are no longer useful.

It would still be possible to return to the question of levels, specifically how they were constructed. As I said before, Call of Juarez is a game in which all events are played in a linear fashion. This is evident, especially since many missions take place on really big maps. Frequently, it takes a few tens of seconds to reach the destination. So it looks like the producers did not want to invent any alternative paths, which made the game much worse. After finishing the level, he no longer wants to return to it, especially since there are no additional attractions planned. The idea of collecting bullets with CoJ's likenesses would be silent. Nor can you not notice that not all levels have been designed in an interesting way. It would be worth mentioning here the dull and filled with similar tunnels mines, from which I wanted to get out as soon as possible.

Some time periods may also be a nuisance. It is not a matter of having to fit in the allocated limitation, as there is usually no problem with that. These scenes simply add strength and do not contribute to making the current level of play more attractive. Likewise, there are fist clashes that may not be so good at all. Finally, one important issue is worth mentioning. The levels we cover often repeat very well. Most often it is because we have come back to the previously investigated areas with the second character. Many people like this may not like it. Since I have already mentioned some important shortcomings, I would also like to say a couple of other issues that have been solved in an uninteresting way. During the fun, we often have the opportunity to use a horse. While the idea itself deserves credit, the performance of these cutscenes is not too high. On the plus side, you only have to include that simultaneous horse control and use of the giver is fully feasible. The mere fact of travelling on the map, however, was the same. We do not have to worry about the horse. What's more, we get the impression that we are moving too fast.

You can not ignore the artificial intelligence of computer opponents. It presents a very uneven level of performance. On the one hand, we are witnessing the effect of evasion, but on the other hand, enemies seem to be lost at times. You can not forget the many cracks associated with sneaking, which I had already had the opportunity to write before.

Call of Juarez has to offer quite a decently made multiplayer, which most players should come to your liking. There are four main modes of play to choose from, with only two being descriptive, as in other cases we deal with deathmatches (classic and teammates). In Rage mode, players are split into two teams. Thieves must steal the gold marked by the game and then safely transport them to a certain place. Law enforcement can not, of course, allow this. The last of the available modes is Gold Rush. Our task is to collect items scattered around the map. Special points are awarded for the gold collected. The player who can collect them the most wins the duel. From each other, I will add that prepared maps are quite thought out and there is nothing to complain about here. The success of CoJ in network duels will depend solely on the players' preferences ... and this can be different, especially if you have a problem with the former known shooter of the Polish manufacturer, ie Chrome. In general, however, Call of Juarez is primarily focused on the single player. The above-mentioned single player campaign should be enough for at least a dozen hours of fun.

The visual setting of this shooter is one of its strongest points, and it should not be surprising. Just look at some screenshots to find out. The forest areas are definitely the best. It is a pity, however, that we ran out of larger towns where we could organize some interesting actions, such as preventing bank robberies. Taking advantage of the opportunity to pay attention to a few minor details. Very nice water was made, as well as air waves - with this effect we have already dealt with other games. Of course, the owners of the most expensive graphics cards should be delighted because at maximum settings the reviewed product has to offer a lot of interesting effects - beautifully made shadows, blurs and other such types of banners. The next levels are played at different times of day and night. Personally, I personally liked one of the final stages of the campaign. The events take place by the beautifully executed sun setting.

Night scenes are slightly worse, as in some places (especially caves) the visibility is very limited. It is also a pity that not all the possibilities offered by the physical engine have been utilized. Only in a few places, we need to move/move something so that we can pave our way further. This is definitely not enough, especially since many competitive shooters have to offer much more. Of course, the graphics have a negative impact on the hardware requirements of the game. The final version of Call of Juarez works much better than the previously published demos, although many players will still have to play with reduced graphics settings. It is also annoying to see the missions of subsequent missions, especially the longer ones.

The soundtrack of the game is at its best. Noteworthy are the issues expressed by individual characters. In particular, I mean the actor who lent his voice to Ray. I did not like the music. Songs from the already mentioned second part of Desperados somehow fell to my liking. Call of Juarez is not a mega hit, which will be discussed many months after the official premiere. It is not, however, some kind of faint shooter, which, besides nice graphics, would have nothing interesting to offer. Damage to wasted potential. As a result, we received a very good title, but to the level of execution of the best shooters is still missing a lot. Some people may also not like the elements that give the impression of being added at the last minute. This is even with the levels in which we have to remain hidden. Even though I love skinheads, they did not make me happy. A lot of things would have to be exchanged or improved. It remains to be hoped that Call of Juarez will find a finer and more refined follow up. However, at this game, you can spend at least a few (hours), so I would advise getting to know more about it.

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