Game review Middle earth: Shadow of Mordor - a great mix of slasher and snares

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The gaming industry is rarely exploiting the world of Middle-earth. If it were done more often, we would probably have more good games like Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor.

Middle earth: Shadow of Mordor

They have been around for almost three years since the last time they were awarded Tolkien's name. I do not think anyone expected the Lord of the Rings: War in the North will be as good as it turned out. After a little interesting start, we suddenly appeared in front of our eyes, Middle Earth, with memorable barrows and snow-capped peaks, which I could not see. And this snowstorm ... The same product was followed by Monolith's latest product, based on the movie license of Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor. In the first trailer, the game seemed to be a clumsy clone of the Assassin's Creed series, but after many hours spent in Udunie and the Black Trace, I can safely say that this is a bad opinion. In fact, we have received a very good mix of motifs from the adventures of the assassins and Batman, but with a great deal of combat mechanics and above all the fresh ideas that the fighter in the Uruks could give the industry the impetus to start using it in new and new ways. ways.

In the game, we play Talion, a gondolier guard stationed at the Black Gate in an unlucky time when in Mordor Sauron, known for revenge for failure two and a half thousand years ago, he is gathering strength to re-attack the countries of free people. In the mastery of the fencing and sneaking of the tutorial, we get to know the family of the main character and the circumstances of their death from the hands of the Black Hand nomen - the vigorous sailor on the services of Sauron and his gang of Uruks, or powerful orcs coming into the world in special rags. Talion is also assassinated, but for unknown reasons, death dumps him, with the company of a mysterious ghost, oblivious to his past. Our goal is to take revenge on the murderers and restore the memory of the team to Talion with the Wraith.

The story, as is usually the case in such games, is perhaps not the highest flight, but enough to effectively hook up to the TV. The greatest pleasure in discovering her secrets will be found mainly by Tolkien's prose fans, because not only will they have the opportunity to become acquainted with the interesting figures living in Middle-earth during the period preceding the War of the Ring, but also to find many references in the production to the situation only reflected in the novel, And Gollum's torture in Mordor. If you want to find out exactly what happened with Smeagol, you must necessarily reach for the work of Monolith.

The medium-sized world in Mordor's Shadow has an open structure. Over each of the sectors stands the Forge Tower. Climbing and hitting the anvil explores the area and side missions. From this moment we also get the ability to travel to the tower as fast as possible, and also the ability to accelerate time, thanks to which, for example, herbs regenerate the hero's life points. It's a useful feature, but rather at the beginning of the game, when we have to go "to the shoe" to the chosen location, and at the end of each wall may be a deadly bunch of orcs with which the battle for survival can be fatal. The game is difficult to get to some point, and maybe even very difficult. At least until we learn that getting into open combat with a usually large group of opponents led by two and sometimes even three captains is doomed to failure. You have to be extremely divisive to direct the inexperienced enough to not be scared.

From the outside, the mechanics of the fight are very similar to those of Assassin's Creed and the Batman: Arkham series, but Monolith has allowed herself to infiltrate her more complicated series of hits, to knock opponents and to use the power of the ghost. Talion uses three types of weapons: bow, sword and dagger. Each of these weapons is as important as it is due to the balance and mechanics required to use the whole of the reel, regardless of how the game is played by the player. It soon turns out that throwing on the so-called. Going forward, just to taste the blood of the Uruks and complete the mission, will end with rapid death and rebirth in one of the forge towers.

In Mordor's Shadow, he mainly counts skilful snooping, discernment in the field, and silencing of enemies silently, preferably one by one. The creators have managed to reconcile in one action game two types of fun approaches, and when after a few hours of silent unleashing of powerful forces after Mordor's mantle, you unlock more killer talents, increase the attributes of the character and cut down several enhancers on each weapon. That thirty Uruks at the same time does not pose much of a problem. All the more so at one point, our protagonist will start racing the mighty Karagory, from the back of which will literally be massacring green creeps. By the way, behaving in the least prudent manner can very easily become Karagor's dinner, so it is best to have eyes all the time.

The way Talion is creeping is an almost lifelong out of the adventures of the assassins. It's not bad, it's always good to rely on proven models. We can hide in the bushes and lure the victim and then slaughter like a pig. After some time we will unlock the skill of brutal murder, but believe me that those we do before are not less bloody. The head of the enemy flies to the right and left, the sauce is poured on all sides. It's as if Monolith drew on the edits of the extended Lord of the Rings. Again a big plus.

The fights of the Uruks are most interesting, however. In this brutal society, strength and arrogance count, and therefore the strongest and the cleverest, and by the way also the cruellest becomes the leader. At the beginning, he is only the captain, but with the development of the game, some of the captains climb the ladder of their careers and eventually become one of the five chiefs. This is not happening anywhere in the background, regardless of our actions. On the contrary. Talion can actively participate in the development of the situation. By wandering around Mordor, we can begin a mission of fighting the influence of the captains of the Uruks. There are only a few of them, but our attitude during these skirmishes is not forced in any way. By learning, for example, that one group pledged another group of ambushes, we can help one of them. Or do not help anyone and just wait for the result of the clash. There is nothing to stop the orcs from reaching the feet.

When we get to the feast of two groups we can poison the drinks and see how the group is getting together. The options are a lot and regardless of what we do, the hierarchy among the Uruks will change as the game allows us to follow up on one of the menu screens. As if there was not enough, every death Talion from the hand of any orc blames the latter for the captain's position. If in some mission we fail to kill a target, it becomes more powerful. If there is another captain in his vicinity, he also receives bonus points for surviving the clash. It may happen that for a good few dozen seconds or even longer we will be watching the menu, as the captains struggle between themselves gaining more and more status. Those who lose such a defeat are dying for good.

It's a whole new thing in video games. More importantly, it is not just a smokescreen to cover numerous borrowings in the rest of the gameplay. It is not always good to eliminate orcish masters as it flies. Sometimes it is better to approach this tactically and allow some of them to gain more and more power. The more powerful and experienced captain or chief, the greater the prize in the form of the runes that conquer the weapon's statistics we get for killing him. It can be said that we breed an orca flock only to the smallest of them to slaughter for the best profit. Clever and inventive.

Here we go to kill bosses. Each of the captains and chiefs has a set of characteristics that characterize his strengths and weaknesses. To get to know them, we must first intercept information from marked individuals or search for them somewhere else. This is somewhat similar to the Batman solution when we grab the type and start hearing him. In this way, we learn that the boss can be a "monster killer", a melee hit that puts an end to Karagor's life and a non-shot shot from the bow, but frightening of a Mordai fly or a surprise killer. This allows you to pick the right tactics for the clash and simply spice up the fun. However, the number of these features is quite limited, so often they are repeated. Which in turn makes further killings more and more mechanical.

It is worth writing in this place about the most serious minus of the game, which is the relatively limited size of the world. A large number of random battles faction missions cause us to quickly explore almost everything the creators have offered us, and suddenly we find that the next few, very different tasks are done in recurring places. Even the mechanics of mechanics described by me in some of the above paragraphs at some point becomes stubbornly tedious. We are still struggling with the same thing. Fighting faction, slave release, chasing enemies in the so-called. The way of a sword, an arc or a dagger to make them legendary weapons and only twenty, not so differentiated, the main missions. You can feel a little underpowered.

The special applause is for the musical setting of the game. Especially for the initial inserts of the fight with the Chiefs, where the choir chants their names. Seriously, shivering behind your back are passing. Voice-over attempts to refer to soundtracks of films, particularly fragments describing orcs and the lands of Mordor. So it is quite dark.

Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor brings us also one of the more hopeful recognizable supporting characters, namely the Plzeň Platypus, whose chatter I could listen to and listen to. At this point, I should also praise the English dubbing, which is excellent. My precious ...

If you want a good action game, then you do not have to look anywhere. Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor, despite drawing a handful of classics, is also an original enough and addictive enough to give him a chance. All the more, if you are a fan of movies, because it is primarily based on their license is based on the title of Monolith. Too many of the benefits I have already mentioned, it is imperative that I end up adding the Uruks design, whose variety goes well beyond what we saw on screen in Peter Jackson's works. Forget the clone attack.

Mordor's shadow brilliantly combines elements of slasher and not very complicated skinheads, presenting quite a bit of Tolkien's world, so far unlisted in games. It is a brutal and worthwhile story about the past glory of Gondor, the wand and hidden in the darkness of forgotten secrets dating back thousands of years. It's the return of famous and well-liked characters ... or at least one of them. This is another very good title that proves how much potential lies in the neglected by the electronic entertainment of Middle-earth.

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