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In addition to the physical attributes of the main character X-Blades has something that will make us play this game?


The contemporary gaming market is characterized by the fact that earlier "exclusive genres" are becoming increasingly commonplace in multi platform games, console strategies, and arcade action games for personal computers. This results in a number of problems, of which the most serious is the control of the hero. Console strategists fight low morale of soldiers, while keyboard fans break their fingers during the combo. X-Blades as a representative of these two did not escape these inconveniences. The question, however, is whether, despite the obvious difficulties, the title still presents a high level and allows you to enjoy yourself?

In order not to jerk the player's nerves, I will bet that the level of the game is disappointing. What's more, creators do not even try to cheat us, and from the very beginning, we see that we are dealing with a low-budget average. Actually, I could end up here, but both the general and some of you - diehard slasher lovers - would like to know more, so let me develop a couple of issues...

In the game, we play Ayumi, fearless heroine, whose only treasures in the head. Already during the intro, the heroine takes possession of the mysterious map, and a dozen minutes later, after just training, encounters an artefact. Continuing this trivial sequence of events, Ayumi is cursing and, of course, only now is the good will of the player, whether it will save her or not. Apart from this surprising little story, the way of the narrative is also not a game of highs. Interstitial scenes are the only source of knowledge about the heroine's fate and are their cure. Fortunately, they were not badly done in the anime climates, which probably will find recognition in the eyes of the fans of the genre. Misses of the whole do not make up the characters. The main character's design was limited to the minimum, which I would have expected her to wear: a slim bikini and two swords. Is it a plus ... answer yourself.

As the X-Blades are a typical slasher agent, one would expect a complex combat system and tons of opponents ... and we get what we want, albeit in surprising proportions. The fight is mostly limited to the constant pressing of a single button while pushing another wave of enemies. One stage is a dozen minutes of mindless clicking, from time to time interrupted by the change of skill, because in addition to the title blades, the player also possesses magic. These abilities are really great, and access to them comes along with the points earned. There would be nothing wrong with that, and you could even expect great variation if it were not for a little snag. Well, half the skill is simply useless, and the technical/graphic execution of all of them leaves much to be desired. Animation attacks are short and little content. The effects of Devil May Cry 4, where for each enemy prepared other animations of special attacks, you can only dream. Despite these shortcomings, it is nice to have such a wide array of options available in the arsenal. Sometimes the change of aggressive strikers forces a change of skill, detaching us from the mindless click.

The stage construction also does not spoil, condemning the starved player for the next minute of the same. Each stage is a de facto arena and if you exclude a fighting corner, it would take a few seconds for it to finish. The creators have come to the conclusion that any form of land exploration in the form of jumping and catching cornices is superfluous and does not provide players with platform elements. As if that was not enough, after some time we get to the same places, being forced to break through even larger hordes of attackers.

The size and variety of monsters represent a similar level of magic - nice variety, unfortunately, lack of quality. Models and motion animations would make an impression ... a few years ago, all in all, no wonder X-Blades is an improved version of Oniblade, which premiered in 2007 in Russia. Recalling once again the above average Devil May Cry 4, I am depressed that we are not going to beat the winged knights, flying in the walls and land of "sharks" or fluttering "live" swords. Would like to say: "Fortunately, there are bosses." Unfortunately, their appearance is in many cases a magnified form of the ordinary adversary, and fighting with such an individual is a pure anguish. Several dozen minutes of boring click, without changing the stage.

On the visual side of the game, the biggest doubts come from me. In the second paragraph, I described it as "not meeting today's standards". Despite these words, I still find her pretty. The biggest annoyance of the game is the texture monotony and the huge abuse of light effects (blur, refraction of the edges of objects, reflexes from the heroine's body and environment), though probably if not the effect would be much worse. The creators, using various tricks and more or less fair techniques, extracted the graphics engine from the graphics engine to the maximum of its capabilities, while the three blondes of the main character's ponytail move better than Nariko's hair from the Heavenly Sword.

X-Blades in the jargon of film critics would have been labelled a class B work, and despite some obvious differences between the two media, this is the most apt term. The fact is, Class B movies can fully fulfil their function, providing entertainment in less sublime manner. For games, category B is much darker in colour. The technical form of the game is so important that by undermining her good performance (often due to low production budget), the creators condemn the player to torture, which means that the entertainment space is no longer there or it is negligible. In the case of X-Blades boredom (the result of gameplay) and the underdeveloped solutions kill the existing potential in the game.

X-Blades is a weak title and even the most passionate fans of the genre can feel disappointed. The gameplay is long overdue, interrupting us in a passive click. Where are the beautiful views were jaw dropping where unexpected turnarounds? Well, apparently, we had to settle for the slim body of the heroine.

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