Among the Sleep Review - a horror movie starring a child

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Horror movies have used every popular theme - from psychiatric hospitals to abandoned cities. Among the Sleep studio Krillbite is yet another new kind of nightmare - seen from a child's perspective.

Among the Sleep

Among the sleep, I came up with quite a distance. Although playing since the first trailer was interesting, it was created thanks to the measures gathered on Kickstarter, and with the quality of such creatures may be very different. The fact is, we have a great Broken Age, Faster Than Light or even The Banner Saga, but none of the outstanding horror genres has yet been founded. Studio Krillbite has an intriguing, incredibly fresh vision, even released a great demo of the title, but my doubts about the quality of Among the Sleep did not dissolve. After firing the game quickly, however, it turned out that these were completely unfounded fears. There was no fear, nor the simultaneous admiration that accompanied me practically until the end of the game.

The fact that we are not dealing with yet another typical horror movie, we are convinced at the very beginning. Awakened by these events, further enhanced by the power of children's fantasy, we move in the dark to explore the rest of the apartment. Following the advice of the stuffed animal, we decide to seek shelter from the mysterious noise in the mother's arms, but when we reach the bedroom, it turns out that no one in it. I think everyone remembers how big a drama is "losing mom", so it is not hard to surprise the child that, regardless of everything, she starts looking for her.

In Between the Sleep, instead of blindly traversing other dark locations, we go on a journey of childhood imagination, where the boundary between sleep and waking is often blurred. The search consists in recovering the memories of the most beautiful and memorable moments that we spent with our mum. The road to recovery will not be easy. Daredevil children will prevent many puzzles, scary monsters, and a host of other challenges that many adults would scream out of fear. At the very end of the journey we are waiting for an absolutely superb ending, not only smoothly connecting all the threads, but also leaving a deep shock. Still a few minutes after the end credits I was sitting in front of the screen, nodding in disbelief - I expected everything, but I did not think of such a finale for a second. And in games of this type happens to me very rarely.

The feature story is fortunately not the only area in which Krillbite Studio decided to surprise us. The creators have also made every effort to direct our toddler, they really had the impression of two-man control. The paper-based treatment does not appear to be anything special, but in this case, it is equally good for practice. Now, the hero, because he has just learned to walk, is moving in a very specific way. Although he can stand on two legs, every step makes him a lot of trouble, so we constantly flying left and right, and every attempt to run for more than a few seconds ends ... fall to the floor. The most reliable (and definitely the fastest) seems to be crawling, and that's how I went most of the way. On the other hand - just standing, we can hold our teddy bear. And since his hugging is the only way to get a touch of light in the endless darkness, choosing the way to move is not always so obvious.

The game almost all the time forces us to frequent changes of position - sites are riddled with dressers and chairs, which we have to climb in the search, for example. Pieces of the puzzle. On his way to meet the mass of cabinets, tables and beds, under which we hide from the monsters chasing us. Although these we find only in the mid lasted about four hours of gameplay, developers have applied strongly, however, to create an appropriate climate, so baby steps in horror from hideout to hideout practically from the start. The mood itself builds not only excellent soundtracks (about which a little later) but also very interestingly designed locations. During this trip, we will visit not only the apartment but also a spooky playground or even extremely surreal combination of forest and home library. In each of these places, children's visions neatly connect with the real world, giving a really great effect.

A little bit, however, annoys the partially hidden monsters. Although in some places they appear unexpectedly, reacting among others. There are times when we make noise, in which no matter what we do and so we are forced to escape. Under normal circumstances, there would be nothing wrong with it, but given how rigidly linear and short the gameplay is, it's pretty hard to spot. And unfortunately, it makes "one time" among the "The One Sleep" - while reenacting, in spite of all its originality, it can no longer surprise us.

It also interferes with quite limited interactivity. There are quite a few throws and doors to open, but at the moment we want to move the chair from one room to another, we come across an invisible barrier. Some elements are just permanently assigned to specific rooms, even in situations where it seems completely illogical. At first I tried to explain to myself that the shift of the said stall blocked the threshold in the door, and my hero was simply not up to lift it a little, but at the moment when the same toddler began to open the windows and turn the rusty valves, This is unfortunately overshadowed by the creators. Fortunately, it does not affect the quality of the game itself very much and after a while, it stops so badly.

Several reservations can also be made to the graphic design itself. And it's not about the quality of the models or the rooms themselves (they look pretty good) or the colours that fit perfectly into the nightmare atmosphere. However, the same textures appear to be problematic - sometimes inexplicably they begin to "crazy" and behave in a completely unnatural way. This happens very rarely, but when I walked the game twice, I occasionally encountered objects "disappearing" in the floor, and once blocked by the bridge wall forced me to load the level from the beginning.

There is nothing to complain about it can not be soundproof. Among the Sleep, we will hear not only a very atmospheric, background music, but also one of the better sets of sounds I've encountered in virtual horror movies in the past few years. Apart from the sound of our hero, the noises that accompany us in each location are also worthy of praise. The fact is that for half of the game we do not see any immediate danger, and yet I happened to spend a few minutes tucked away in a closet and cuddled my teddy bear, clearly, demonstrates how good work was done in this area.

Despite some drawbacks among the sleep is definitely one of the more interesting suggestions for recent horror fans. An unusual convention, combined with the original approach to the subject, has really made great results, and the end result will certainly be memorable for everyone. Even if we take into account a relatively short game, the game offers enough fresh perspective that it can not be regretted.

Although I did not expect too much of the title, I quickly became coherent with my hero, equally feeling every nightmare he had to face. Closely designed locations and excellent audio only complimented the work. It's just a surprisingly good horror film in which fear takes on a form unknown to date, and at the same time bringing out the memory of his greatest childhood fears. Among the Sleep perfectly proves that they do not grow up at all.

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