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Alien Rage is the idea of CI Games to prove that a company can do good games. Is the combination of Bulletstorm and Unreal Tournament elements a recipe for success?

Alien Rage Unlimited

CI Games' Alien Rage partially re-establishes the credibility of the developer, but at the same time reinforces the idea that the company itself does not know where to go. After the weak Sniper 2, a game requiring patience and a planned mission, we get the maximum concentration in the Bulletstorm and Unreal Tournament. I do not know if it is supposed to be some kind of gold, which is aimed at the desire to please a variety of customers, as CI Games I wish, or simply throwing away from the wall to the wall. So is Alien Rage itself. The game looks as if the designers did not quite know what they wanted to create.

In this game, we play a fibroid sent by the EU, whose task is to break the dream of a hostile space race with a substance that is almost inexhaustible and powerful energy source located on one of the asteroids. The earlier peaceful coexistence of Terrans and Aliens has gone unnoticed, and since cooperation does not bring mutual benefit, it will not bring them to anyone. Simple story, but completely enough to give the player the excuse to poke the hordes of nasty creatures on the walls. All this is happening in the XXIII century, and so in some measurable future.

Narration runs smoothly. The hero often receives information from people supervising the operation, from time to time he will throw himself a bake. About what happened on the asteroid we learn from the scattered audio notes recorded by one of the scientists. Recordings serve as casters, as are point pyramid coloured pyramids. Each level hides three spells of both types, which is a bit against the premise of fast-paced production. As long as the notes are usually in view, the rest of the game is a bit to look at.

The game takes place in an asteroid base, in the vast majority of equally-looking corridors and sporadically slightly larger spaces, but with no freedom of expression, because they are built of narrow passages and footbridge. The corridors are almost identical to each other, the recycling of objects has reached critical mass. After tens of minutes, he stops looking at the sites at all, because there is no reason why. The game is running on an outdated engine today Unreal Engine 3 and unfortunately, it can be seen. Include textured text for a short while after the level or write point has been loaded. The thing is to save tons of flares, depth of field and other post-processing effects, but I think some of them are overexposed. When something is in excess, you are beginning to suspect that there is no reason. The big explosions and the cosmic opponents' designs are very nice, and they are still very animated.

But at the end of the game, the core of the game is a breakthrough made using futuristic tools of violence. We have enough hooks. There is a typical scimitar assault rifle with a collimator target, a fairly slow pistol with endless ammunition, a shotgun, probably modelled on a Halo sniper, a rocket launcher plus several different types of weapons captured on strangers. Most equipped with the alternative shot mode. I am happy to say that the use of these means of extermination really makes a lot of fun. The mechanics responsible for the shooting turn out to be exceptionally well implemented, and I do not think I am overreacting, writing that this weapon simply "feels". Regardless of whether we shoot from the hips or measured by the viewfinder, spitting out bullets is a curiosity. For that "feeling" and the designs of the gun itself should be the authors a big plus.

In the narrow corridors of the base, we encounter dozens of strangers. It's not just about killing all of them. You still have to do it in a spectacular way. In the upper left corner are displayed points awarded for the massacre. Bulletstorm's inspiration is more than visible. A shot in an exploding container raises a bloody harvest. Missing with missile launchers is good to hit the backpack. An explosion sweeps everyone standing next to you. The effect is accompanied by cheats from "off" such as "Double kill!", "Detonator!" Or "Explosion series!", So you can feel like during the Unreal Tournament match. Every aspect is worse than the originals.

The spectacularness of the extermination of aliens ends properly on the outbursts described above and does not require a special precision headshot. There is no mention of the variety of killings as in Bulletstorm. I also do not recall another game in the moment where the hit in the head would be so simple. Maybe it's too much wine called. Hitboxes, but I think that first of all completely undeveloped artificial intelligence.

I will forget that the enemies are able to block and weaken the poor in place, wanting to squeeze through their colleagues. I will also let down the veil of silence to the fact that sometimes they are completely absent from behind the shelters and stand in place, staring like a magpie in a gnat. I shake my hand so that they can turn their backs and go in the opposite direction, giving their back. But the fact that literally at every location is enough to activate the trigger to make the opponents begin to notice us, then back to the positioned positions and wait for the next one to pull out of the slipper, I can not ignore. Moments of patience and most of them in turn report to headshots. You need to pay attention to these rocket launchers. What's not so simple, because the small spaces make it difficult to manoeuvre. All the more so because some of the shields are susceptible to damage and our warrior can not jump. Yes, he can not and no longer.

Alien Rage is to be a fashionable attempt to revive the old school spirit in a modern edition. That is why I try to understand the designers' decisions regarding the health system, which is an absolutely contemporary solution. There are no pharmacies in the game. After a few hits the screen loses colour, so you have to hide and wait until your health returns to normal. It favours tactics covering the angles, shooting and escaping in the case of more concentrated fire. You can forget about the mad dance of extermination in the middle of a battle of opponents, which could highlight the atmosphere of the 90s. Attempts to get in touch with the group sooner end with sudden death.

This is the perfect time to mention that there is no such thing as easy or normal gameplay in the game. The first contact with it must start at least from the demanding mode, and in that case, the name is most appropriate for the content. In total there are three levels of difficulty. In addition to demanding is still difficult and brutal, so the corpse of the player stiffness. Fortunately, most instances are arranged sensibly, so there is no need to repeat larger sections of a given level. This is why Alien Rage can appeal to people who like to master games and often look up to their current position on leaderboards. Despite the shortcomings and high level of difficulty, pleasant shooting does not make you want to throw the keyboard out of the window. Instead, patiently, for the tenth time, it is an attempt to move on.

By gaining points, unlock unlocked tricks that can then be assigned to characters. For example, stronger armour or electric shock insensitivity applied by some strangers. Probably the appropriate selection will allow you to screw the results, but in one approach to the campaign, they are not important because they can not be activated in the right number. During the game twice, there was a script that did not open, allowing you to open the door to move on. Reading the previous checkpoint did not help, just starting the level again gave the desired effect. I hope this error will be eliminated in subsequent patches.

Alien Rage is definitely a more successful product than Sniper 2, but it's hard to resist the impression that it's a little done on the knee, Razi's inconsistency in design assumptions, not using the potential of the killer system, lies completely and inaccurately artificial intelligence. Locations are turned into one hoof. I understand that this title is sold at a lower price and as such has a chance to defend itself on the market. He will surely find many followers. But I would rather have this great shooting mechanic harnessing something really unique, something that matches the way the game crew worked.

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