We played at Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord - a lot of novelty in the combat system

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E3 has become another opportunity to play Mount & Blade II, more specifically to taste the improved combat system - as a commander and as a subordinate king in battle. The brief presentation left us with an appetite for much, much more. Predictably announced game: December 2017.

Mount & Blade 2

Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord is one of the most anticipated game players at this year's E3. Continuing the budgetary but extremely ambitious simulator of the medieval lord's life was announced more than five years ago and still far too little is known about her. Armagan Yavuz, founder and head of TaleWorlds Entertainment's Turkish studio, is aware of what fans are feeling.

"People often joke that they started playing Mount & Blade in college and waiting for their continuation, they ended up graduating, starting a family and raising a child. And the game was not there, so there is no "- laughs the producer. Bannerlord's premiere is still a foggy issue, but works are ongoing From the very first moments you can feel that we are dealing with the next generation of Mount & Blade.

Sword in hand

"We have been working on the battle system for a long time and we wanted to be better in every way," Yavuz says. For the needs of Mount & Blade II, all animations have been created from scratch, and aspects such as character movement have been changed. "You have to add a system that makes the combat position relevant," explains the producer. Depending on our position, we will receive other bonuses to fight - by holding the right leg in front, we will be able to attack more aggressively, but at the expense of less shield manoeuvring area, held slightly back. In reverse configuration, with the left leg in front, we will be the better shielded shield, but it will be harder to lead a blow with a weapon.

Another novelty is the system of holding the guard, which will affect the speed of attacks. By hitting the right hand, we will automatically switch to the left, so you will need to find the right rhythm for each weapon. This is not the end of the news because this time we will be able to choose the direction of defence shield - this is to provide a bonus in the form of less wear object. Currently, there are two types of shields in the game: larger ones where the additive is not particularly important, and smaller ones that can be manipulated freely, gaining new arcade and tactical elements.

On paper, these changes probably sound not particularly serious, but very soon I realized that TaleWorlds is on the right track. From the very first moment, it became clear that new animations and altered manner of movement of characters provide much better fighting experience. It's still Mount & Blade, where you have to act fast and watch closely the behaviour of your opponents.

Now, however, the opponents are easier to decipher and, above all, they look more natural in motion. It also works for improved artificial intelligence, thanks to which the enemies do not rush to break the neck, often revealing their weaknesses. Today, the clash is more like a duel in which to find finesse and beauty. Especially since one more novelty is associated with the Garda system in the form of a sequence of punches. With one blow we can move on to another and thus surprise the enemy with more fluid attacks.

Of course, most of the mentioned novelties require a lot of practice in mouse and keyboard operation, but that does not mean that the fun will be more difficult.

You have to admit that this is the right approach because Mount & Blade is at the bottom of the list is not easy to read for some potential fans, and fresh blood certainly not scorn. Either way, the new model of walking on foot made me really impressed. Better animations, more tactical capabilities, more intelligent artificial intelligence - until you want to play longer.

On horse!

The skirmishes in the arena were supposed to give a foretaste of what Mount & Blade usually plays the most, and thus fights in the field. Manufacturers have prepared several scenarios for E3, which have their own separate trailers. So I could move as an archer to harass my enemies with arrows on the desert battlefield. In the second variant, I received a cavalier with a lance. In these clashes, there was a noticeable glimpse of the tinted visual setting - even in the form of spectacular dust clouds of speeding mounts.

Some time ago it was also said that the scale of battles in Mount & Blade II will be much bigger and on one map we will see maybe even a thousand characters. When asked about it, the boss of TaleWorlds made it clear to me that the matter is still in progress and he would rather not throw words at the wind. "Thousands of promises can not be made, but you can count on big battles and it's probably an option for people with really powerful computers,"

Bannerlord will propose some interesting additions to the battle system. The most striking are the cases of clashes in which we act alongside lords (or king) who have a higher place in the hierarchy. During these skirmishes, we will not be the main commander, but we will have at our disposal selected troops, such as cavalry. During the fight, our supervisor may give us some orders that we can or will not do. In my case, I received the task of flanking the enemy units and then stopping Infantry rushing to the strong branches of the temples.

It is difficult to say how much this system of being a cog in the war machine will prove to be logical and sensible, but it seems to be a good idea to introduce additional variation to the game. I asked what would happen if we did not want to hear the king's order. Yavuz explained that different solutions are still being taken into consideration, but we will not be punished for insubordination.

In the action itself, Mount & Blade II is really good and I must admit that TaleWorlds is moving in the right direction. As a commander, of course, we receive a standard set of commands, now extended with a new interface and a few add-ons. In short, we will be able to pinpoint exactly where the troops are set or rely on general orders to launch an attack.

Developers assure that craft intelligence has been worked out, so that time will end with idiotic formations where knights line up at the top of the mountain. There are also new "instructions" for the mount because by pressing the button twice, we can enter the gallop or stop the horse. By wielding the lance, it is now possible to perform a blow from below, from above, and also to lower the weapon to try to use to strike the power of the steed. In a word, Bannerlord seeks to improve all the main aspects of this essential module game.

When will Mount & Blade II come out: Bannerlord? Armagan Yavuz, head of TaleWorlds Entertainment, has heard this question at the E3 fair hundreds of times. But I do not ask about the journalistic duty, but because I just gladly would like to finish more in the continuation of Warband. Tens of minutes spent with this version of the game aroused my appetite because the Turkish developer really did a lot of work. Fighting and battle systems are simply better so that you want to get back to playing in a medieval lord or lady again.

Unfortunately, the solution to the problem we have had is not there, so there are no - developers openly say that the road to the finish is far away, and some of the things that have shown us may not be in the final version in the current form. Armed with patience, I see motion on the horizon. When Bannerlord arrives in glory, I will be ready to leave the visor.

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