ESL One: SK Gaming wins the Grand Finale! Brazilians can not be defeated!

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SK Gaming has defended last year's title! The Brazilians won the ESL One Cologne 2017 Grand Final. Cloud9 unfortunately did not have a better chance against such dangerous opponents. Americans have lost three maps in a row. It is already the third such significant SK title in the last two months.

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Map selection process:

  •      Brazil SK Gaming rejects Nuke
  •      United States Cloud9 rejects Overpass
  •      Brazil SK Gaming chooses Cobblestone
  •      United States Cloud9 chooses Train
  •      Brazil SK Gaming chooses Inferno
  •      United States Cloud9 chooses Mirage
  •      Decimal Map: Cache.


Starting on the anti-terrorist side, Cloud9 won the pistol. The brilliant clutch Marcelo "coldzer" David in the second round gave his team a draw. The Brazilians began to put enormous pressure on their opponents. With the pressure in place, the performance was very high, resulting in points on Gabriel's "FalleN" Toledo team record. It was only after seven failures in the row that Cloud9 managed to defend himself against the attack. The reign of SK Gaming in the first half was not over. Fortunately for the Americans, they managed to get three more points, and the first part of the map ended with a 10: 5 result for SK.

The second round of pistols was also won by Cloud9. Natus Vincere's bloopers have taken advantage of the weapon, thus reducing the loss to their rivals. Unfortunately for them, but the first full was for SK only a kind of igniter for outstanding play in the final section of the stone. The last - ninth spot on Cloud9, was thanks to Jake "Stewie2k" Yip, who made a beautiful ace. Brazilians to the very end remained unmoved by attempts to break through the terrorists. They won the first 16: 9 map.


The beginning of the second map was very exciting. Cloud9 opened the scoring and went into two-point lead. SK Gaming had no intention of letting their rivals have more. A murderous fight for every frag has begun, for every point. At one point, however, and with a 4: 4 result, the Americans began to "run away" with the result. Good attacks, which the Brazilian squad could not defend, gave C9 a bigger advantage. This state of affairs remained almost to the end of the first half. Cloud9 won by 10: 5. Everything indicated that the second map could be won by the Stewie2k team, but ...

SK Gaming started the second half with a hunch. The pistol grip and the advantage of weapons were just the beginning. The winners of the third season of the Esports Championship Series remained unstoppable in defense of the opponents. It was only a few minutes, and SK led to a 10:10 draw, after which he quickly took the lead. This team did not return the leader's chair until the very end. Cloud9 managed to defend only the first of five mappings. By winning 16:11, SK was one step ahead of the title.


Sk Gaming has again turned out to be better at fighting with pistols. The response to Cloud9 did not have to wait long. The Americans on the defensive side paid us a specific repetition from the first map. The difference was, however, that this time Soham's charges "valens" Chowdhury successively increased their advantage by destroying the opponents of the round after the round. It also ended up with a similar result, 10: 5. Cloud9 had to play the good side of the terrorists to get back in the fight for the title, which obviously lost.

Every time since the start of the second part of the map, Cloud9's situation has made you worse. The spectators gathered at the Lanxess Arena did not have to wait long for the Brazilian machine to re-engage the highest gear, destroying the road to victory of every opponent encountered. SK Gaming has now taken the lead. Cloud9, thanks to good anti-eco and accuracy Stewie2k, recovered the point of loss. It was a "wake up" for terrorists. The C9 was only two rounds away from winning the map. Their opponent was, however, SK. There is no other team in the world that could come out of the worst situation and win. This also made SK Gaming on the third map. SK again did it. Brazilian super formation won the next tournament. This is a very important triumph for the week before Major in Krakow.

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