We played Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 - FIFA 18 has nothing to fear?

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The Network PES 2018 beta is the first opportunity to get to know this title through a wide gamut of players. Have tried out the servers and new solutions in the context of the game fruitfully?

We played Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 - FIFA 18 has nothing to fear?

Little but playableand stable

Youhave to honestly admit that the latest beta of the Pro EvolutionSoccer series does not offer much content, as is apparent only afterthe number of teams - only two of Brazil and France are in the game.The creators also announced that many of the novelties that will beincluded in the final release of this title will not appear in thesaid bee. However, this does notchange the fact that we have seen some interesting solutions thatshould appeal to players looking for the latest Konami football game.

Developers have mentioned that the network tests of this title are primarily used to check server infrastructure and their performance - as all PES enthusiasts know very well, there have been some really big problems in the past. After a few days spent with betta, however, it seems that this type of complaining can go into oblivion - although it is only a trial version, it can be seen on the palm that the developers worked hard on the matchmaking system. Matching partners is definitely faster, which is a lot of fun because probably many players spent long minutes waiting for a companion to compete.

I also got the impression that the network infrastructure behaved a little more stable - obviously hard to score anything on the basis of beta, which was interrupted several times for the maintenance of servers, but during the play once I did not experience the dubious pleasure of throwing out the game due to technical problems. This is a very good sign and hopefully Konami will be up to the task in terms of technicality - in the last edition we have been able to feel a solid improvement in the matter, but it can always be better.

Three out of three are Konami band

In network bee we got to try out two modes. The first is a standard module that allows you to play a quick meeting between two players. Of course, no big change here, because it would be really difficult to improve or improve anything here.

The second mode is a complete novelty, in my personal opinion may be a big magnet for all those who have so far complained about insufficient emotions in network games. It is possible to play 3 out of 3 players, resolved in a wildly and playful way. Frankly, it was in this fun module that I spent most of my time on the beta and I think that this patent is very good in practice.

Of course, the fun of fighting between more than two players is not new - after all, in the competitive FIFA series we already have a module that allows us to compete with four players. Here, however, the emotions reach a different level - the system of dynamic control of the individual players is faultless.

Even if we do not try to switch between footballers through the dedicated button as quickly as possible, the machine is still trying to share the possession of the ball between all three players. Of course, much depends on the character of each player - I have repeatedly encountered the situation when other members of the team are happy to tow the football through the field, but in the long run it just does not pay.

Footballers to score!

Positively in the clashes 3 out of 3 is a system that does not only point out the manifestations of unnecessary independence, but also failed to play. The game evaluates practically every aspect of our action on the pitch - from passes, through shots and successful dribbling to proper placement on the pitch during offensive and defensive actions. This makes it possible to discern which player is the weakest link in the course of the game, and who does best. At the break we have the opportunity to analyze the statistics, so we know our weaknesses.

What's important isthat the scoring system works really well, although it did not happenwithout incidental problems with the erroneous type of play -sometimes the player's account is charged with the player's loss tothe ball, and the plus counts as shots that wander a dozen or someters above the goal. . It is worth the developers to work on thisissue.

During the tests I felt that even more important were the individual attributes of the biggest football stars. Athletic athletes, such as Olivier Giroud, are good at direct physical encounters with other players, while players with advanced performance can spin up to a few tens of meters, keeping their distance from the chasing rivals. However, in order to curb a bit of self-limitation, the developers decided to make some changes to the defense mechanism of their own goal.

First of all, there is a large amount of direct clashes in the game - the scramble can last a long time and give the right match to the duel between defensors and strikers. It also seems that the line of defense is even better organized when it comes to pitting the offside trap - this is especially noticeable in longer runs, where the stoppers leave in the field of rivals and force the judges to whistle burned.

Slower means more accurately

Although the PES game was never one of the fastest, one can not help but notice that the latest version of the cycle has been slowed down even more. It's definitely more worth taking a football and thinking about the next step, which is also dictated by the aggressive defensors game and the center field.

It also seems that the creators gave us much more freedom to send the ball into the free play areas. This is manifested above all by the high efficiency of long-distance crossbars and perpendicular balls, mainly directed to the side assistants dynamically emerging on the wings. It is also worth to note the greater variety of types of shots, although of course the most impressive are the strong drops from the distance.

It is difficult to assess the visual appearance of this title at the moment - there are a lot of corrections in the models of the players, and more about the reaction of the audience to the events taking place in the field, however, we have to wait for the final version of the game. You see, for the hands that a thorough lifting requires a comment served by the duo Peter Drury and Jon Beglin. Unfortunately, there is less and less substance in it, and more and more unnecessary screams.

The rapports are extremely high registers with virtually every threat under the gate, forcing you to press the TV as fast as possible because listening to their cries is not pleasant. May PES 2018 serve in this respect something far better than what the pro version of the game offers.

The Pro Evolution Soccero pro beta has shown that all the changes are not yet complete, the team under Adam Bhatti is constantly working on technical improvements, game modules and game presentations. It is great because the network is the same as it is absolutely the biggest interest, and it is this step is a decided decision under the ice of other manufacturers before the premiere. This less common is the clear structure that makes this virtual copy, which makes the September 2018 launch of PES perhaps best met.

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