EU LCS: H2k-Gaming destroys Team Vitality

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In the first match of the second day of the second-to-last European League Championship Series, H2k-Gaming took Team Vitality, which fought to maintain the lead in the playoffs. The Yankos team's victory effectively suppressed those hopes.

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From the phase of exclusion and election, it was clear that both teams had come to a meeting with quite different attitudes. H2k-Gaming has built a composition that has gleamed in long battles thanks to a large crowd control and gigantic attacks by Tristan and Orianna, while Vitality has opted for the rarely seen Maokaia.

Immediately visible was the plan that was implemented early in the game was Djoko - French foresters immediately began to disturb Yankos in cleaning the next creature, effectively exploiting the weakness, received by Zack in patch 7.15. The exclusion of the Pole from the first minutes of the game has been a stimulus to Vitality's pressure. Odoamne dismissed the threat of carrying the opposite duo and gave his life as the first on the map. In spite of this, H2k did not collapse - the equation soon brought the killings of Febiven, and the better macro-strategic game allowed the Jankos team to break down the middle rivals' tower.

The trend observed in the early phases of the game has remained until the end of the first page. Every Vitality movement was well read and anticipated by H2k-Gaming, which soon took over the initiative. The pure strength of the characters held by Nuclear and Febiven was enough for the team to enforce their conditions, gaining every other objective practically without a fight. As a result, Vitality has left nothing but passive looking to rivals who have successfully destroyed the formation base.


Romania Odoamne – Kled
Poland Jankos – Zac
Netherlands Febiven – Cassiopeia
Korea, Republic of Nuclear – Xayah
Korea, Republic of Chei – Rakan


Team Vitality

Gnar – Cabochard France
Jarvan IV – Djoko France
Viktor – Nukeduck Norway
Tristana – Steelback France
Thresh – Vander Poland

In the second game, both teams decided to make a complete change of characters - the only ones who remained loyal to their choices turned out to be two Poles. H2k for the second time created a composition that saw the chance of victory in large skirmishes, and Vitality tried to catch the opponents in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Jankos and Febiven drew conclusions from the beginning of the previous clash and foresaw the aggression of Djoko, who once again appeared in the blue jungle. The Poles defended themselves against the invasion, forcing the French rider to commit suicide in the H2k base, giving the first gold in Yankos hands. This combination of unfortunate events for Vitality allowed H2k to completely dominate the entire map. The team led by Voldemort did not allow Vandera and the company to speak, ending a rather uninteresting encounter in a dominant style.

This loss means for Vitality the end of the dream of playing in the European play-offs of the LCS. H2k-Gaming strengthens on the lead in Group B, already preparing for clashes in the ladder system.

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